Future-proof your E-Commerce Website Responsive-ize it!

09 May, 2017 | Shefali Shetty
So you have some amazing things to sell. You get a website for yourself which is now an e-Commerce store. You have some classy looking designs coupled with some cool looking CTA buttons. Sure, your e-Commerce website design does look great on a desktop but how does it look on a mobile or a tablet? Are you making your users zoom in and out of a

Mobile App Development Company - How Do You Pick The Right One?

05 May, 2017 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
Every time I watch the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”, there is one thing which strikes my mind and I end up thinking about it for days. In the climax of the movie, the managers of the company decide to stick with “Chris” ( In spite of having tons of other options ) not because of his appearance or how he was dressed for the interview, but for

A Prelaunch Checklist for your Drupal Website

04 May, 2017 | Shefali Shetty
So you have tirelessly worked hard, your Drupal developers coded for weeks together on your Drupal website and now the most important day has arrived – the launch day! Time to cheer and rejoice, for all your hard work has finally paid off. But wait! Have you done everything right to ensure your Drupal website does not run into any unforeseen

Need a Mobile Wallet App? Here's what you should know

03 May, 2017 | Shefali Shetty
It’s all about convenience these days. Mobile technology is now an indispensable part of almost 2 billion of us around the world. This technology has been leveraged to make our lives easier by helping us shop, pay bills, transfer funds, and now – stash our cash in Mobile wallets. Mobile wallet apps allow you to save your card (credit/debit)

Online Grocery Shopping-The Evolution

27 Apr, 2017 | Shefali Shetty
Once upon a time, I used to be stricken with horror when I forgot to get my grocery list to the supermarket. Not that I always followed the list anyway, but that was back in the day. Today I’m a savvy online grocery shopper who doesn’t need lists! My weekly/monthly purchases pop up with click and I just need add a few extra goodies (if I’m feeling

How can Drupal 8 boost your website's SEO and raise your ranking?

18 Apr, 2017 | Shefali Shetty
“Out of sight is out of mind” – is something I heard a lot from my mother during my childhood when I’d suddenly find an old outfit that I’d hardly worn, and now, too small for comfort. All I’m trying to say is if your website does not show up in the first few pages of the search results, it is definitely out of our minds, lying in some corner of

Whats in it for you with the all-new Drupal Commerce 2.x?

11 Apr, 2017 | Shefali Shetty
Being one of the fastest growing e-Commerce solutions around the world today, Drupal Commerce is now an international solution. The Commerce guys describe Drupal Commerce as a tool that brings together the three C’s – Content, Community and Commerce and makes sure that your e-Commerce software can build and engage your audience while continuing

Top 10 best practices for designing a perfect UX for your mobile app

05 Apr, 2017 | Shefali Shetty
With the growing usage of Mobile phones for practically everything, it is almost like an obligation for most businesses to own a mobile app for that competitive advantage. You need an app that can solve a problem for your users without bombarding them with information they might not require. User experience is all about empathy, they say. You have

Easy Drupal Upgrades? Check!

28 Mar, 2017 | Shefali Shetty
Upgrading is synonymous to enhancement and an enhancement can never be a bad thing. Yet, upgrading has always been considered as something that is complex, time-consuming and hard to adjust to. Drupal has always gotten better - more efficient & more user-friendly with every major version release. It has always added more features to the core

How to pick your Drupal Modules

17 Mar, 2017 | Shefali Shetty
Drupal is powered by its ever-growing open-source community who work hard to develop thousands of modules that can enhance and extend the functionality of a Drupal website. The flexibility and scalability that Drupal offers is mainly because of the plethora of modules it provides that you can customize for your website.