Are you worried about Web Security? Get under Drupals wing

08 Jun, 2017 | Shefali Shetty
I’m not saying it is inevitable or unavoidable, but web-based security threats are something you just cannot ignore if you own a website. You might say, hey – I have a website with content only – I have nothing to lose, right? Wrong. The hackers can get into your server and exploit it to send spam emails or any illegal files, to set up a temporary

How can Content Marketing for your E-commerce store help you sell better

01 Jun, 2017 | Shefali Shetty
Has it ever happened to you? The harder someone tries to sell you something, the more you stay away from it? However, when you come across a research article/videos about the same product, you seem to get more confident and interested about it and might want to give it a try. That's good Content marketing. Content marketing is about treating

Top 5 On Page SEO Factors

30 May, 2017 | Admin
‘What is SEO?’ - this is one of the most common questions asked by newcomers in online business. Even those, who are not so well acquainted with internet marketing, asks this question frequently. Well, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the method of generating traffic from search engines; the process includes free, organic, editorial and

How Mobile Apps Services Can Boost Up Small Businesses?

30 May, 2017 | Admin
Mobile apps development services are not only a unique or trending way to stay connected with consumers, but also can be used to access contact information, e-commerce pages and coupons or deals quickly and effortlessly. With such an array of advantages, mobile apps development services have become indispensable for small businesses right from

Is it good business sense to use Drupal?

30 May, 2017 | Shefali Shetty
Being recognized as one of the most powerful and popular Content management systems’ (CMS), Drupal has proven to be an ideal choice for businesses scaling from small start-ups to very large-scale organizations. For a successful business, you need to take calculated risks that can generate you rewards. When you choose Drupal as your CMS framework,

How To Identify Target Audience For Your E-Commerce Store?

29 May, 2017 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
In a perfect world, on any given day, everyone would want to purchase from your e-commerce store. But we don’t live in a perfect world do we? In recent times, there has been quite a growth in the E-commerce industry and this indicates that a lot of customers are opting to shop from within their comfort zone.

Mobile Apps for Business Does it mean more bang for your buck?

28 May, 2017 | Shefali Shetty
Not too long ago, I remember being almost alarmingly addicted to the ‘Snake’ game on my Nokia phone. Little did I know then that I was actually hooked on to a Mobile App. The first ever Mobile App in fact. Now, as statistics have projected, there will be about 269 billion App downloads in 2017. Did you know that on an average, a smartphone user

How to retain and re-engage your e-Commerce website customers

25 May, 2017 | Shefali Shetty
Customer acquisition – the fundamental element for all businesses to operate, for undeniably, there can be no business without customers. Companies go to great extents to grow sales and increase revenues. Sales executives are given targets to reach to bring in new customers. Nevertheless, most companies fail to understand that retaining your

Mobile Marketing Strategies - Have You Got Your Facts Right?

23 May, 2017 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
As mobile technology transformed over the years, numerous mobile marketing concepts and theories came and were wiped out. In the early stages, marketers believed that mobile marketing was just a modified version of web strategy on desktops. But when they realized that people interacted with their mobile devices in a manner completely different

Why We Started Using Drupal Framework For Our Platform

19 May, 2017 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
There has always been this debate whether Drupal was built for the publishers or the developers out there. With some complexities under the hood, many argue that Drupal framework is primarily for the publishers, and you find a lot of developers complaining abut the way Drupal works