Drupal Modules to Increase Website Traffic

16 Nov, 2016 | Moeedul Hussain
Ever thought why Drupal sites are so popular these days? Well, ability to handle high web traffic is one of the major reasons behind this! Compared to a site built on other CMS framework, a site built on Drupal CMS has the advantage of boosting and handling a bulky amount of web traffic.

Also, as compared with other CMS framework,

Features of e-Commerce Platforms

15 Nov, 2016 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
Starting an own e-commerce business surely excites each one of us. But before you start jumping around on the internet with your products, you need to sit down for a while, evaluate your market, and make a suitable plan. When it is about an e-commerce business, a few crucial decisions have to be taken. And one of those decisions which is very

Mobile App Marketing - Spread The Word About Your App

10 Nov, 2016 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
When you think of building an app, there is one thing which you need to keep in mind even before implementing your idea for the app. Your app is definitely not alone! A few years back when the phrase "There is an App for that" was coined, I think too many people took it quite seriously, because right now you have an app for almost everything.

Content Management Systems – They Have Their Own Issues

07 Nov, 2016 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
Most of the website owners tend to hate their Content Management Systems! Yes you read that right. It so happens that we often look up to a magical solution to a complicated problem or a situation, in order to deal with it in a better manner. Content Management System is that silver bullet, which everyone hopes would solve all the content

Drupal vs. WordPress – Finding the Best CMS Tool

04 Nov, 2016 | Moeedul Hussain
Be it car manufacturing legends like Ferrari and Lamborghini, or brands like Pepsi and Coke, business rivalries are common nowadays! If not a hard-core rivalry, a grave comparison among the brands has become quite a trend these days. Extending this comparison trend to the digital word, ‘Drupal vs. WordPress’ became a much debated rivalry in the

The Times Of Content Marketing

28 Oct, 2016 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
There are often times when you are reading an in-depth, factual and an actionable article, and you leave it halfway, or maybe just after two lines! You don't want to read it any further. Have you ever wondered why? Well, They are hard to read. Right? This sums up the fact that out of the 93% marketers who use content marketing, only 40% found

Multilingual Drupal Sites – 5 Must Know Factors

26 Oct, 2016 | Moeedul Hussain
Multilingual Drupal sites can be the turning points for any business! They can change the way customers, page visitors, or clients look upon a business. However, before converting an existing site into a multilingual site, one must know the answers to some pre-defined questions.

Firstly, why to have multilingual website? Secondly, what

Programmatic Marketing - An approach for Real Time Digital Advertising

24 Oct, 2016 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
Have you ever taken part in an auction? If yes, you are definitely one of those people with a lot of patience, because auctions usually tend to run for a very long duration. What if I told you about an auction that gets over in about the same time you blink your eyes once, or maybe twice? That is what Programmatic marketing is all about. Widely

Top 7 Drupal Web Design Trends for 2017

20 Oct, 2016 | Moeedul Hussain
"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." - Albert Einstein.

The recent evolution in the web design trends truly justifies the words of one of the greatest scientists of all times! Learning from the ideas of yesterday, we have paved a long way in today’s digital world.

Market Intelligence - How Does It Affect Your Business?

19 Oct, 2016 | Akihil
The Businesses of today's world, where information is more readily available than ever before, can grow or break based on their marketing decisions. With everything, ranging from information on market trends to information on product development, available at the click of a mouse on the internet, business owners and product managers need to