Implementation of get direction in Drupal (Map route directions)

02 Jul, 2014 | Bharath Kumar
The Get Directions module provides the ability to get directions to and from places using Google Maps.

Implementing get direction for a Drupal website will help you give a route map to your required area after user enters from and to addresses. Or you can make to address constant.

In-order to implement get-direction

Views Exposed Filter Search Clean URL’s for Drupal

28 Jun, 2014 | Shakti SK
Views Exposed Filter Search Clean URL’s

Views offers the ability to expose filters to the end user so they may filter and sort through a views listing to find what they want in a large list of content. If you have used exposed filters before you will be familiar with exposing a filter on a specific field, such as the title field.

Configuring Facebook and Twitter Counters for your drupal websites

01 Apr, 2014 | Kiran Kumar
Social scientists use social statistics for many purposes, including:

the evaluation of the quality of services available to a group or organization, analyzing behaviors of groups of people in their environment and special situations, determining the wants of people through statistical sampling.
Create a Drupal custom block with