I’m not often found shopping online but when I do I’m most likely going to click a button that says “BUY NOW!” rather than just a boring “BUY”. I might have my own reasons for doing so but the latter just lost a customer because of a single harmless Button! That’s the effect of user experience today. To identify what user experience works out for your website, we have A/B testing to the rescue.

Our very own, most beloved Google was the first to implement A/B testing to find out exactly how many search results should they be displaying on a page. Although unsuccessful on their first shot due to sluggish load time, they victoriously ran more than 7000 A/B tests after 2011. (source:Wiki)

Why do you need A/B tests for your Drupal Website?

The benefits of A/B testing are invaluable. The fact that you know what marketing strategy works for your business and backed with proper evidence is awesome enough. By making a few small changes on your landing pages using the data received by conducting A B testing, you can gain a much higher conversion rate. On running A B split testing on your Drupal website, you will be able to:

A/B testing can be performed on all elements of your website like the headers, paragraphs, CTA buttons, CTA text, Images, Links etc.

Here are some A/B testing tools for your Drupal website


The Optimizely Module is an A/B testing tool that can modify the HTML and CSS of your website to perform tests on various elements of your Drupal website. It then provides you with results that will let you know which element worked out the best for your website.

Visual Website Optimizer

This easy-to-use module embeds snippets of Javascript code into your web pages to perform A/B tests and multivariate tests. Multivariate testing means testing on multiple variables to find out which combination works out the best.

Crazy Egg Integration

This simple module integrates with the Crazy Egg heatmap service and performs a/b testing or split testing on various elements to test multiple versions of a page. It also lets you see and track user’s mouse patterns and scrolling patterns.

A/B Test

This is a Drupal module and is a low-level API to perform A/B split testing. It uses custom PHP code for testing and does not provide a UI for creating tests.

A/B Test JS

The Drupal module lets you perform A/B and multivariate tests by inserting Javascript code snippets into your Drupal web page. The UI and testing functionality are directly integrated into Drupal and not an external script. For evaluating your test results however, you will need an analytics platform since it doesn’t have an in- built functionality to do so.


With this Drupal module you don’t need to add custom code and can conduct A/B tests and multivariate tests via a simple interface. It integrates deeply into Drupal and that gives direct access to Drupal settings for manipulating processes.

Shefali ShettyJan 13, 2017