Articles Written By - Mohammed Farhaz

Drupal 9 Custom Module Development – A Beginners Guide

23 Nov, 2021 | Mohammed Farhaz
The true power of Drupal lies in its modules. With thousands of core and contributed Drupal modules to choose from, Drupal developers can easily implement ones that meet their needs. But what if the requirements are very specific and you don’t have a module available for it? When you need to customize a Drupal website for a client who has unique needs that just cannot be accomplished with core or contributed modules, build your own custom modules.
Drupal9 Custom Module Teaser

An Introduction to Design Patterns in PHP

14 Apr, 2020 | Mohammed Farhaz
PHP Design patterns have proven to be extremely useful to developers and is a major problem solver. To write efficient code, developers must follow best practices. PHP Design patterns is an Object-oriented programming (OOP) concept that is now also used in Drupal 8 projects. With Drupal 8 adopting modern PHP and OOP concepts, design patterns can be leveraged for a cleaner and more robust programming.