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The Content Management System (CMS) framework offers flexibility to programmatically manipulate, update, add, remove, organize content the way you want it. Now if you consider everything that a human sees on his screen as digital content, this opens up an endless possibility to create CMS driven web and mobile applications that realize almost any conceivable use case. This means, using Content Management Systems you can

  • Create and launch web applications to realize your business model and generate revenue.

  • Create and launch interactive portals that allow you to manage user reviews, ratings, groups ..etc

  • Create and launch content driven websites whose content can easily be managed/updated to keep your viewers interested.

  • Implement a process flow within your organization to optimize your business process

drupal development services

Drupal CMS Framework

All though there are a lot of CMS frameworks out there, Drupal due to its robustness, flexibility, feature-richness, stability and other features is fast emerging as one of the most preferred CMSs in the world. The latest version of Drupal, Drupal 8 is out already and contains important components of the Symfony framework making it even more appealing. Symfony has been one of the most widely adopted PHP frameworks following an MVC Architecture. We already have in-house expertise on Symfony and have been working on Drupal since its first version – Drupal 4.x. This places us in a unique position to provide you the latest and greatest CMS based web application

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Wordpress Development

Wordpress Framework

Wordpress has been one of the most popular CMS frameworks used in websites today. Its simplicity enables anyone to launch a site quickly. Over the years, due to the fact that Wordpress is open source, there have been and continue to be several feature and module additions on wordpress CMS that make it feature rich and easy to use. We have developed several wordpress sites for various applications. Our expertise in PHP and CMS in general enables us to produce customized modules and plug-ins on wordpress.

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Technical architecture for a portal realized using Drupal(recommended)

Page Template

Page Template

Page Template

General Style Guide (Gss)

Custom Module

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Why Specbee for CMS ?

Experience and Expertise

Our team has been working on Drupal CMS since its first version, Drupal-4.x. We know everything there is to know on Drupal. We have implemented some of the most complex CMS solutions on Drupal

Quick time to market

Our expertise in Drupal coupled with a host of ready to use features either available on the installer version of Drupal or with the large Open source Drupal Community enables us to launch new features quickly, effectively and efficiently.


We understand that business requirements are ever changing. This means the CMS system built for the business needs to be flexible enough to adapt, introduce changes quickly and efficiently. The architecture we use to build CMS systems and the way our team is structured gives you this flexibility.

End-to- End Services

UI/UX Expertise: CMSs come with a default view or some off-the- shelf front end themes. If you want viewers of your CMS Application/Website to be hooked on, you will need to make it look compelling. Our team of UI/UX experts will do just this

Database Expertise

CMS relies on databases, so it is important that you not only build a strong DB Architecture for the CMS to work off of, but also manage this with ease. We are experts in Database management and can work with MySQL, Oracle, PostGresQL, MS-SQL based on the functional and performance needs.

LAMP Expertise

Our team of System Architects are experts on LAMP. This means you do not have to worry about server setup or maintenance.

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