As Joe Chernov says “Good marketing makes the company look smart; Great marketing makes the customers feel smart”. Great marketing needs more than just a physical team who can manually manage your marketing workflows. Great marketing needs a Marketing Automation tool to help you nurture your leads and expedite your whole marketing process.

Why do I need a Marketing Automation Tool you ask?

Marketing Automation tools help converting raw leads to nourished and qualified marketing leads that are turned over to the Sales team for further customer relation management. It helps track your prospective customer’s activities right from when they visit your website to reading your blogs or filling out a form. You can also schedule and track your marketing campaigns via email or social media or any other communication.

Prospective customers can be easily segmented into suitable mailing lists based on their interests or preferences and will receive/view only relevant content, thus giving you happier (also read ‘less annoyed’) leads. A ‘drip campaign’ (email campaign) can be scheduled depending on the right time and right interest shown by your leads that will help you stay on top of their minds thereby nurturing your leads. You will also be able to see the reports/analytics and analyze the success of your marketing campaigns.

Smooth integration with your Drupal Website

Drupal is not only known for its robustness and scalability but also for its huge active community of contributors. You will find various contributed Marketing automation modules or plug-ins within Drupal CMS. They are free and out-of-the-box but sometimes might not provide you with as many features as other thirds-party tools. There are a huge number of third-party Marketing Automation softwares that integrate seamlessly with your Drupal website. Top few of them are discussed below.

Marketo MA module helps you capture lead data during form submission and also adds tracking capabilities to your Drupal website.

Eloqua API module integrates Eloqua tracking and Eloqua Webforms submodule with your Drupal website.

HubSpot module integrates with Webform and the HubSpot API and submits the Webforms to HubSpot’s lead management system.

Pardot integration drupal module adds web analytics onto your Drupal website allowing marketing and sales department to create, deploy and manage online marketing campaigns.

MailChimp is a very popular email delivery service and the module helps you generate and send email campaigns from your Drupal website. Your visitors can also have a control over which of your email lists they want to be on or off.

Silverpop Engage module integrates web-tracking API and XML API and allows tracking users through different levels of engagement. A unique cookie value is assigned to a user and any event they trigger will be sent to Siverpops’s Engage database.

There are a few Marketing Automation tools that include a collection of marketing components:

IBM Marketing Cloud is a hybrid marketing automation tool based on Silverpop’s cloud-based marketing automation software, DemandTec’s cloud analytics and Xtify’s mobile messaging models and enhanced by IBM marketing software.

Adobe Marketing Cloud includes components like Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Media Optimizer and Adobe Analytics. Adobe Analytics (previously SiteCatalyst) is a module that you can integrate with your Drupal website that helps provide detailed statistics about website traffic and can categorize customers based on their locations, preferences and behavioral traits.

Shefali ShettyDec 28, 2016