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Online presents the best market place for most products. At Specbee, we have enabled businesses to tap into this market by equipping them with their own ecommerce websites and mobile apps. The digital stores we have built for our customers powered by our ecommerce development services have helped them create new market verticals and generate millions of dollars in revenue.

Our proficiency in ecommerce website design and mobile app design stems from our blended team expertise in both user experience design and ecommerce technologies. We understand that every business is unique and the business models that may work for one business may not work for another. This is why our bespoke ecommerce development services are delivered such that it is tailored to meet your business’ needs and is not a cookie-cutter one size fits all solution.

Years of expertise in ecommerce website development and mobile app development places us in a unique position to be your true design and technology partner as you look to launch your very own digital store with unique business models.

We have enabled major retailers in the grocery business to launch a subscription based ecommerce model that allows their subscribers to order/subscribe to products that would be bought/delivered as frequently as they want and on whatever days of the week they want it on.

Our ecommerce development strategy has always been to maximize your ROI on an ecommerce platform. Some of the key attributes to our ecommerce development services are:

  • Incorporating your subscriber acquisition strategy: Our ecommerce website development and mobile app development services equip you with a feature rich platform that enables you to launch not only discounts, offers, flash sales but also innovative new strategies and services that compels your target market to buy from you.

  • Offers a compelling user experience: Our ecommerce development services coupled with our expertise in UI/UX design enables you to go to market with a website/mobile app that provides your customers a buying experience that is effortless and a pleasure. Take a look at some our work

  • Provides Business Intelligence to fine tune your strategy: We understand that reporting in various forms and across a whole array of parameters help you plan your sales and marketing strategies better. To this end, we provide you within the platform a system that pegs, analyzes and reports everything you need to make an informed decision. Ask for demo

  • Enabling Omni-channel commerce: Our ecommerce website development services enables you to have a platform that is seamless across your physical (brick & mortar) and your digital store fronts integrating with inventory, logistics and other aspects. This provides your consumers with a consistent and seamless experience whether they are at your brick and mortar store or your digital store.

  • Ease of management: Whether you manufacture your products, source it from another vendor or are acting as a market place, our ecommerce development services are aimed at providing you a platform that is easy to use. Whether you are uploading your products or your vendor partner is selling via your platform, we can enable both with our powerful ecommerce platform. Ask to see the backend

Why Specbee to enable ecommerce for you?

End to End Expertise

As a leading ecommerce development company, our ecommerce website design and development services coupled with web and mobile app development expertise have enabled us to build several ecommerce applications across a variety of industry verticals. We have in-house expertise on ecommerce, retail, UI/UX design, Web and Mobile Application development, Database design, CMS and Server administration - all that is needed to build a complete and compelling ecommerce offering.

Bespoke websites and mobile apps

Our ecommerce development services are tailored to meet your requirements and delivered by a team of experts based out of our facilities in Bangalore, India. Our team would first understand your business, your target market, the processes and flows and then come up with a system that delivers on all fronts and enables you to put forward a unique and interactive digital store front that enables subscriber acquisition and retention.

Scalable Architecture

Our ecommerce platforms serve starting from 5,000 SKUs to over 100,000 SKUs. Do you want to start small and then offer more products to more customers as an evolution strategy? We have the perfect solution for you. Our platforms are designed such that you can grow seamlessly.


The platforms we build are designed to be extremely stable and reliable. The platform would be optimised for resource consumption and architected for geo-redundancy as per your needs.

Innovate approach

Our exposure to multiple industry verticals and expertise in delivering large and small ecommerce platforms puts us in a position to understand your challenges and provide you with innovative solutions.

24X7 Support

We understand the ecommerce is a critical part of your business and high availability is critical for this. Our teams based out of our state of the art facilities in Bangalore are available to monitor your system at all times.

Responsive offering for pure website based ecommerce

If you are offering a digital store front on a website, it is critical that the website is mobile responsive. This because research says more than 50% of your traffic would come from people visiting your website on Mobile devices. Our ecommerce development services offering makes sure that your website is adaptive to any mobile device and your users are offered the best experience that allows them to effortlessly buy from your store.

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