Using Drupal 8 to Improve Performance for a Major Website


The Brief

[24]7 inc provides customer engagement and acquisition solutions that are redefining ways in which brands interact with their consumers.

[24]7 chose Specbee to upgrade their flagship website (and brand), to Drupal 8. The outcomes expected of us as part of the Drupal upgrade project was also to improve the site performance, upgrade the UI to reflect a more contemporary image and provide an enhanced customer experience with content personalization.

We were able to achieve all the expected project outcomes well within time and budget.

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The Challenge

  • The original site was built on Drupal 7 and it was decided that the site is to be upgraded to Drupal 8. Some functionalities were to be added and the UI was to be updated for look and feel.
  • The biggest challenge was to enable a better user experience & enhanced security, using a theme that could match their requirements, rather than a custom build.


  • A marked improvement in the user experience driven by Drupal 8, due to the reduced loading time of the website.
  • Our Composer build on the [24]7 website reduced dependencies by a great margin, allowing on the go installation of new Drupal modules, themes etc. This allows the team of [24]7 to update their website quickly and effectively.
  • In addition, the average monthly exit rate on the website has decreased by 12%.

Technologies Used

Drupal Content Management System Framework

MySQL for database

PHP 7.11 for engine development

HTML 5, CSS 3, BootStrap 3, JQuery, AJAX for the web front end

Acquia (Enterprise Edition) for server stack

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