See how we enabled morning cart launch a compelling service catering to one of the largest and unorganized segments in retail.


briefing The Brief

Morning cart is a mobile and web application intended at simplifying the way morning/daily needs items such as milk, newspaper, eggs, breakfast, butter etc. are ordered and delivered . Users can register and log on to the morning cart website or mobile app and subscribe for morning needs commodities and choose the days of the week on which the items need to be delivered.

Morning cart (now acquired by India's largest grocery retailer) chose Specbee to build the whole e-commerce ecosystem including the subscription engine, the order management system, the delivery management system, front ending website and mobile apps.

The Challenge

  • Morning cart e-commerce website.
  • Morning cart m-commerce mobile app for Android and iPhone.
  • Morning cart Order and delivery management mobile application for Distributors (Retailers) and backend enabling this.
  • Morning cart Delivery Management System.
  • Morning cart Order Management System.
  • Morning cart point of delivery mobile application for Delivery Boy and backend enabling this.

Order Management

  • Fully customizable subscription management framework.
  • Flexible seller (distributor) creation framework and mapping with Area, product, delivery agent.
  • Distributors know exactly what they need to stock up for tomorrow’s delivery by logging on to their Distributor App.
  • Delivery network creation capabilities that allows a distributor to assign distribution areas/addresses to delivery agents the way he wants it.
  • Distributor knows exactly how much business he has done and what is the potential market size.
  • Distributor has complete track of orders and deliveries that have been made as well as those that have been cancelled/missed out or yet to be delivered.

User Experience

  • Compelling yet an uncomplicated user experience in spite of many subscription choices available to the user.
  • Clean subscription view to see/modify their subscription.
  • Minimal clicks enabling user to place order or change their subscription.
  • Simple screen layouts for distributor and delivery boy to encourage adoption.

Technologies Used

Android and iOS (native) for mobile application development

Drupal Commerce for commerce as the core engine

HTML 5, CSS 3, BootStrap 3, JQuery, AJAX for the web front end

MySQL for database

LAMP for server stack

PHP 5 for engine development

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