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All the features that you need from an e-commerce platform to cater to high volumes and much more

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Generate and Grow recurring revenues

  • Automate ordering mechanism allows for customers to transact once for products/service they need on a repeated basis. This means recurring orders and revenue for you.
  • Customers can choose to get the product delivered just once, get the product delivered every day, get the product delivered on certain days of the week, get the product delivered on certain days of every month.
  • Customer is provided with a closed wallet that can be recharged through credit/debit cards, net banking, coupons or even by cash collection
  • Grow revenues by offering subscription box services to your customers. They can transact once and order for a subscription box that they get on a monthly basis.
  • You can now offer convenience commerce as well as subscription commerce along with traditional e-commerce
  • Maximise exposure to new products you want to introduce by sending non intrusive samplers
  • Predictable, recurring orders also means predictable inventory and better control over logistics, forecasts, demand and supply. You save time and expenses when it comes to fulfillment.
  • Automated ordering mechanism for B2B as well as B2C commerce allows you to have predictable recurring revenue. This also means predictable inventory, stock and deliveries - Convenient for you, Convenient for your customers.

Offer a compelling experience to your customers

  • Minimise clicks for better engagement on web and mobile applications
  • Interactive and fast search experience that allows for add to cart directly from the search bar
  • Voice based search: Open app, “Tell” the product you want to search, Add to cart - Yes, That simple !!
  • Dynamic cart update to keep the customer engaged
  • Social login/signup
  • Automatic address/pin code identification with Google map integration
  • Enable easy checkout process with multiple payment options (we integrate with any payment gateway of your choice) including cash on delivery, open wallet or closed wallet
  • Interactive experience to choose delivery time slot of your customer's convenience
  • Recommend products based on various configurable criteria
  • Bespoke user experience enabled by our UI.UX design services
  • Re-order based on order history
  • Wishlist and “Notify me” for products coming soon or that are out of stock
  • Guest checkout options
  • Mobile responsive website - It is critical that your website is responsive even though you have an app.
    Find out why ?

Attract and Convert more effectively

  • Enable effective discovery with advanced SEO features
  • Maximize engagement with Customisable banner and placement options for banners
  • Launch innovative offers, discounts and combos with our highly customisable and flexible offers and discount module
  • Upsell with “Recommended products” derived based on various customisable criteria
  • Heat map analysis to better analyse which areas of the page drive what kind of engagement
  • Product mapping based on areas allows for better control of on-the-ground launch of different new products
  • Offer your consumers the ability to share offers on social media and invite friends
  • Enable subscribers to place feedbacks and create custom queries
  • Offer visitors options to subscribe to your newsletters. This can act as a good lead generation tool for you.

Manage Distribution & Delivery better.
Provide value to your sellers

  • Engineer your whole delivery network with ease based on area or product or volumes or combinations of the three
  • Enable sellers/distributors to sell more product using your store
  • Allow your sellers and/or distributors to know exactly how much they need to stock up
  • Give your distributors the peace of mind knowing about confirmed future orders and revenue.
  • Manage end-to-end distribution. Know exactly when, what got delivered to your customer
  • Manage sellers/distributors better - keep track of the revenue they make via your store and decide on flexible commission options
  • Attract more sellers to your platform
  • Equip delivery agents with the right data and offer them the convenience of one click update for products delivered

Manage inventory floor better

  • Stream line the process from the time customer places the order to the time the product is delivered to him
  • Improve accuracy on the inventory floor to avoid false shipping
  • Pass on orders to inventory floor personnel at real time
  • Enable inventory floor personnel to sort, pick and pack with ease following an organised and streamlined process
  • Improve experience by notifying customers at the earliest in case of non availability of the product once the order is placed (It happens .. sometimes)
  • Allow the floor managers and product heads to have complete control over every step of the product picking, packing and shipping process

Make informed decisions with extensive
Analytics and Reporting

  • Understanding what is working and what is not with the help of our analytics engine
  • Generate customised reports with in depth analytics information to enable you to make the right decisions about products, user experience and customer engagements
  • Understand buying trends and patterns to offer best product offers, discounts and combos
  • Understand changes in consumer behavior to give you insights into the demands of your market
  • Understand where/when your customers are coming from and where they are going. Identify best sources for traffic
  • Get higher conversions by changing layouts and implementing what works
  • Track everything a consumer can possibly do in your site
  • Formulate sales funnels and understand step-by-step flow of consumer behaviour when they make a purchase on your site

Seamless integration

  • Seamlessly Integrate your digital store with your choice of 3rd party applications for accounting, inventory management, logistics, PoS, ERP, CRM and Marketing automation systems
  • Seamlessly integrate with your choice of payment gateways and wallet providers
  • We provide an Android and iOS application as part of your digital store. However, we can expose REST APIs to integrate with any customised application that you may choose to build in order to realise any use case you have in mind.

Multi-channel e-commerce

  • Enable a digital store on web, mobile and social

Enterprise class performance

  • Cloud hosted platform on Amazon AWS with industry leading uptime and elastic on demand scaling
  • Content delivery from CDN (Content Delivery Networks) makes your store faster and optimised
  • High availability architecture built with redundancy facilitated with elastic load balancers guarantees 99.99% uptime
  • Platform optimised for high performance with elastic caching for improved databases accesses
  • Redundant architecture and caching for databases
  • Search optimisation with APACHE SOLR
  • Secure access using HTTPS for your entire store lets your shoppers know that your store is secure and maximises SEO
  • Concentrate on your business while our Dedicated 24X7 team manages the technical aspects of your store

Flexible console managed backend

  • Intuitive backend console offers you immense flexibility to run your store the way you want to
  • Create offers, discounts and combos easily with our backend
  • Create, update, manage products, categories, pricing, variants, imagery conveniently to match your sales and marketing strategies
  • Get a holistic view of your inventory, dynamically update inventory
  • Bulk operations to manage products, transactions, inventory and other customer related operations saves you time and OPEX
  • Access to our analytics engine to gain insights on customer behaviour and store performance
  • Promote products buy dynamically updating banners. Promote categories and campaigns
  • Trigger notifications in bulk or to customer segments or even to individual customers to promote products and campaigns.
  • Automate a customised campaign, specific to your promotional activities.

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