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If you have a unique use case in mind that truly needs a customised one-off solution which needs to be implemented over our standard offering, we are happy to do it for you.

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Specbee e-commerce suite is a product developed by Specbee Consulting Services Pvt Ltd. Our platform is the first and only e-commerce suite in the world that empowers your enterprise to offer ultra flexible subscription options to your consumers and generate recurring revenue. Your consumers can now transact once and set automated repeated delivery of your products / services at schedules as per their convenience. Not only this, ours is the first and only e-commerce platform that is equipped with distribution management, inventory floor management and delivery management features that enables you to optimize distribution and manage inventory floor such that there is increased accuracy and quicker transaction times.

Our architects and developers are available to consult with you and determine the best way to develop the custom functionality you have in mind over our standard platform. We follow a strict development process in order to implement custom functionality on the platform. The custom functionality is launched after an extensive testing process. To this effect,

3 environments are maintained at all times if custom functionality is involved

The Dev Environment

The development of the custom functionality on top of our standard platform happens here.

The Test Environment

The testing of the custom functionality is done here. You would be provided access to the testing environment where you would be able to test the functionality and provide approval

The Live Environment

Upon your approval, the custom functionality is now pushed to this environment and made available to your consumers.

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