Being recognized as one of the most powerful and popular Content management systems’ (CMS), Drupal has proven to be an ideal choice for businesses scaling from small start-ups to very large-scale organizations. For a successful business, you need to take calculated risks that can generate you rewards. When you choose Drupal as your CMS framework, your risks are minimized as it is one of the most trusted and reliable frameworks with high flexibility.

Drupal has been used by some large business portals like, eBay, GE, BBC GoodFood, The Economist,, etc. and by government websites like The Whitehouse, Red Cross, US Department of Transportation, London.Gov.Uk, Government of Australia, etc. With these biggies trusting Drupal for their web works, let us look into why Drupal can suit your business needs and makes good business sense.

Does it fit your budget?

Most definitely, yes! One of the most important and popular features of Drupal is that it is open-source. Which means it is free! Don’t we all just love that word? It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up or a biggie - saving some dough is always a good thing, right? With Drupal being an open-source and free to download, use and manipulate, you can always save your investment for a rainy day. There’s no licensing fees whatsoever. All you need to do is download Drupal from and then install some of those free modules that can suit your needs. And you’re good to go!

Does it meet your growing business needs?

As your business grows, your Drupal website will grow with you too. As of today, there are 37,580 free modules to choose from with over a hundred thousand users and contributors. Drupal is extremely flexible and allows you to add new features to the website as and when needed. You can easily add modules like Forums, blogs, slideshows galleries, etc. and also integrate with external APIs to extend your website’s functionality. Drupal’s extensive templating engine can help you meet your UX Design goals that will reflect your brand image. With Drupal’s mobile-first approach, it is now extremely easy to be mobile responsive. Drupal is highly scalable and can effectively accommodate heavy traffic.

Do you have the visibility yet?

Search Engine Optimization is key to every company’s visibility and is a crucial element in its online marketing strategy. Websites powered by Drupal will get you more traffic than any other CMS. Drupal provides SEO optimized URLs which make it easily index-able for search engines. Drupal’s taxonomy features when combined with its content editing modules like CCK and Views module, ensures a strong search engine optimized website. Having a seamless integration with Google analytics, you can keep a track of your clicks and analytics that can in-turn help you optimize your Drupal website better. Using modules like SEO checklist can help you organize and maintain your SEO activities better.

What about security?

Web security is a significant part of a business plan, however, many companies tend to overlook this crucial issue until something goes wrong. Drupal is known for its security it provides and is the most secure CMS available. No wonder it is the most preferred CMS framework for government websites who deal with highly sensitive data.

Shefali ShettyMay 30, 2017