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User Experience Design

Bridging the real and the digital

Our expertise in User Experience Design (UX) has enabled us to simplify and enhance the interaction between our client’s target customers and their digital presence be it on a website, mobile application, email campaign, social media campaign or even an Ad banner. This has enabled our clients to have a compelling digital media presence ensuring customer loyalty and improved brand value.

Every design we produce is done considering the 7 key UX factors

The process we follow in order to produce compelling UX designs includes user
research, design, testing and implementation with each of these phases being iterative

The effectiveness of our User Experience Design stems from
the process we adopt. The following steps are always
followed for every design we produce:


  • Discover the purpose of the product
  • Discover who the target audiences are
  • Discover what are their expectations


  • Define use cases
  • Build storyboards for each use case


  • Make pencil sketches of various screen defaults
  • Make pencil sketches of various screens under different scenarios


  • Design without styling (colors/fonts/images infographics )
  • CTA placement strategy
  • Call outs for on click actions

05.Visual Design

  • Actual Design output

Why Specbee for UI/UX design?

UX Designs based on Research

Our designs are based on extensive research of your target market, your competitors and market conditions. This approach guarantees a design that is bound to impress.

Enhanced User Interaction

Our focus is always to enable maximum user interaction for your digital presence. The more a user interacts with you, the more he finds about you and the better the chances of him buying from you.

Provide Value for your Customers time

With so many competitors in the market, a consumer is spoilt for choice. This being the case, it is extremely important that he feels that his time is being valued – this means showing him what he needs to make a decision, quickly and with minimal inputs (clicks). Our UX experts understand this and formulate your UX designs keeping this in mind.

Enable Brand Loyalty

Our UI/UX designers are experts in providing designs that are so compelling that they make your target customers keep coming back to you.

Innovate approach

Our exposure to multiple industry verticals and expertise in delivering large and small e-commerce platforms puts us in a position to understand your challenges and provide you with innovative solutions.


The UI/UX designs we have produced for billion-dollar business houses as well as startups have proven to produce results. We are confident we can repeat the same success for you.

We have been delivering value to major brands in the business

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