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briefing The Brief

As one of world’s largest healthcare provider, Narayana Health is amongst the most respected groups globally, and has been instrumental in revolutionizing low cost healthcare.

Specbee was chosen to revamp their flagship website. This revamp addressed several usability and content update issues they originally had. We provided a completely new information architecture and content work flow that enabled stake holders at various departments, hospital locations update respective information easily and effectively. After the site went live, a 70% increase in incoming leads and a 30% decrease in bounce rate was reported.

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The Challenge

  • The organization’s digital image is projected by their several major web properties which also act as a major source for their national and international leads. However, they faced challenges with their website performance and conversions due to a non-optimal User Experience and information architecture.
  • Various interconnected facets and sources for content that lead to difficulty in obtaining information as needed.
  • Non existence of an effective Information retrieval mechanism. Site wide search was not performing well.
  • Difficulty in uploading/updating new information (upon a service launch or an update to the existing facet) from the CMS backend seamlessly.


  • The project was delivered well within the defined time and budgets, with the best implementation of Drupal.
  • Ability to update or edit information under any facet without affecting the other facets with a IA design and better interaction with the front-end.
  • The design and the information presentation has been much appreciated and sets a bench mark in the industry.
  • The revamped website is seeing a massive increase in user engagement as well as conversions.

Technologies Used

Drupal Content Management System Framework

APACHE SOLR to implement the Search functionality

HTML 5, CSS 3, BootStrap 3, JQuery, AJAX for the web front end

MySQL for database

LAMP for server stack

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