Everything you need to know about Website Accessibility

15 Feb, 2022 | Subramanyam
Sure, user experience is the buzzword these days, but the emphasis on web inclusiveness is equally critical. Here’s a guide to web accessibility, why you need to implement accessibility and how to check if your website is accessible.
Website Accessibility Teaser

Make Your Drupal 9 CKEditor Pop - 7 Useful Modules You Didn't Know Existed

06 Dec, 2021 | Ravikant
Although CKEditor for Drupal 9 offers most of the features necessary to create and edit content, there’s that occasional need to go beyond the default capabilities. Take a look at our favorite 7 modules and plugins that you can integrate with CKEditor to add that extra sparkle.
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How Drupal Empowers Nonprofits in Achieving their Mission

20 Sep, 2021 | Shefali Shetty
Nonprofits and Drupal have many elements in common. Openness, transparency and community strength being the significant ones. Read this article to find out why many nonprofits are increasingly leaning towards Drupal to help them achieve their digital ambitions.