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Since its inception, Specbee has served large enterprise customers worldwide. Their obsession with client success has enabled them to become true partners of multinational corporations and startups alike.

Specbee, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, provides digital solutions built on Drupal. The solutions developed by the company's experts have helped businesses significantly increase revenue, save on OPEX, and provide a better digital experience to their customers. Specbee's clients include Acquia, The Volkswagen Group, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, Georgia Tech, SEMI, Abaco Systems, Great Southern Homes, IEEE, and Education Development Center among others.

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Enterprises choose Specbee as their design and technology partner when they want to launch a new business initiative online, increase user engagement by redesigning their website, optimize an existing business process, or perform technology upgrades critical to their online presence. Specbee's core Drupal expertise, combined with its in-house strengths in user experience design, scalable/HA system design, and DevOps expertise, enables the company to provide end-to-end web and mobile solutions.
Looking towards such expertise and services delivered by the company, GoodFirms interviewed Specbee's CEO, Ashirwad Shetty, who started the interview by mentioning that Specbee was founded to provide high-quality and compelling design and technology services to businesses. Since then, it has expanded to 60 people, with offices in Atlanta, New York, and Bangalore. Moreover, Specbee is a top contributor to the Drupal Project and a Gold Certified Drupal partner.

Talking about the responsibilities as a CEO, Ashirwad beams that “my role is to do whatever it takes to keep our customers and team members happy”. Further, he narrates the story behind the company's inception. According to Ashirwad, "In 2015, Prashanth (our CTO) and I worked together for other tech companies, which led us to see a significant gap in Drupal development agencies. Most US-based agencies were costly on the high end but provided high-quality work. The middle market was a gold mine for anyone who could do both. Meanwhile, low-cost offshore developers were frequently (and sometimes unfairly) labeled as low-quality and challenging to work with.
I was frequently in the US for the company I was working for at the time, and thanks to some strong US connections, I established an office in Atlanta while Prashanth built and led a high-end development team in Bangalore. So, in a way, we were set up in the opposite way that most development shops are set up.
The model proved to be a huge success. Instead of establishing a US team and then locating an offshore office to complete the work, we are able to establish a close-knit development team in Bangalore first. Only then did we begin to assemble our US team.
Since then, we've become one of the world's top contributors to the core Drupal platform, which means we're helping to write the code that everyone uses when they use Drupal or one of its core modules. In 2020, we were ranked fifth, and in 2021, we were ranked sixth. I'd like to see us finish in the top three in 2022.”

When asked about the company's business model, Ashirwad elucidates that all Specbee work is done in-house only. “It's an important part of quality control and sets us apart from many of our competitors. Aside from that, we have a fantastic company culture, which is entirely due to the consistency of the Specbee team.”

Ashirwad concludes the interview by stating that when speaking with potential clients, they are upfront about their value proposition - “We believe we provide the best balance of extremely high-end quality and price. This opens the door to all of our secondary differentiators.
Our clients report that we are incredibly responsive from the first conversation with us. Much of this is because our team is based in the United States and India, which means that our clients can speak with a Specbee expert, no matter where they are in the world.
In terms of projects, we have end-to-end expertise to recommend the most effective solutions and then develop and deploy them in a secure and scalable manner. We have deep technology expertise in solutions that work with Drupal (for example, Salesforce, Marketo) and processes in place to ensure successful deployment.
All of this has allowed us to retain some of the world's largest enterprise and non-profit clients. Finally, I would say that the best people to answer this question are our clients, and we are happy to set up a call.”
Thus, reading the information mentioned above shared by Specbee's CEO, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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