What’s new in Drupal 10

Drupal 10 is a significant step forward for Drupal users and it brings some exciting updates. Content editing has been made smoother, thanks to enhanced features in CKEditor 5. The revamped admin theme, Claro, not only looks cooler but is also more accessible. Creating content models is now a breeze for site builders, and theme creation has become more tailored to your needs. The list of improvements is extensive, making Drupal 10 an exciting evolution.

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We're dedicated to your success. Specbee’s Drupal experts are always at the forefront of the latest advancements because Drupal is our sole focus. Our commitment to continuous learning through Acquia certifications, weekly knowledge-sharing sessions, and contributions keep us updated and ready to serve you better. We have helped our esteemed clients achieve their digital ambitions with Drupal 10. Check out our work to know more.

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Our work

Drupal 10 Services

Specbee offers a comprehensive suite of Drupal 10 development services, empowering businesses to create highly scalable and powerful websites and applications. Drupal 10 continues the tradition of continuous innovation, leveraging the best of modern open-source technologies.

Drupal 10 Development

Loaded with robust features, Drupal 10 is a notable leap beyond Drupal 9. From sleek modern themes to effortless content creation, Drupal 10 offers everything a forward-thinking business desires. Specbee's experts are ready to turn your Drupal website dreams into reality.

Drupal 7 to 10 Migration

Drupal 7 is reaching its end of life (EOL) in January 2025 and NOW is the best time to begin that transition if you’re still on Drupal 7. Specbee is a certified Drupal Migration partner by the Drupal Association. We take great care in seamlessly moving your valuable content, database, and integrations from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10.

Drupal 9 to 10 Upgrade

Drupal 10 builds on the solid foundation of Drupal 9, delivering enhanced features, boosted security, and ongoing support. Since Drupal 8, upgrades are easy forever, making the leap to the next version a breeze. When you choose Specbee, upgrading your Drupal 9 website to Drupal 10 is as smooth as a Sunday drive.

Third Party Integrations

Specbee is your trusted partner when it comes to third-party integrations for your Drupal 10 website. We've got the skills and experience to make those connections seamlessly. We ensure the integration process is smooth, customized, and offers you a cohesive user experience.

Drupal 10 Custom Module Development

Your business is unique and we understand that you will have custom requirements. Our Drupal experts are adept at building custom Drupal 10 modules for every custom feature your business demands. We also ensure top-class performance, scalability, and security of these custom modules.

Drupal 10 Theme Development

We create unique, memorable, and visually stunning websites tailored to your brand and vision. Our Drupal 10 themes are finely tuned for speed, top performance, and seamless experiences on all devices. Our team of front-end developers, UI/UX designers, and Drupal 10 experts collaborate to craft compelling designs that meet your business needs.

Frequently asked questions

When is the Drupal 10 release date?

Drupal 10 was released in December 2022, which means it is all set and ready for you to upgrade to! Drupal 10 is very similar to the last minor version release of Drupal 9 because many key features of Drupal 10 were developed in Drupal 9 itself. However, it is more modern, refined, and up-to-date with third-party dependencies like Symfony, PHP, CKEditor, and more.

What is new in Drupal 10?

Drupal 10 comes packed with great features and themes useful for everyone, right from site builders to content editors to themers and developers. The Olivero default theme, a major addition, improves website visuals and offers an easy start for custom themes. Claro, the default admin theme, enhances the administrative experience. Modern JavaScript components replace jQuery for cleaner front-end output. Theme Starterkit simplifies theme creation, and Symfony 6 as the foundation brings backend enhancements. CKEditor 5 is now the default text editor, ensuring smooth content management.

How to upgrade from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10?

To upgrade to Drupal 10, ensure you're on Drupal 9.4.4 or later, upgrade to CKEditor 5, and have PHP 8.1 or higher. Use Drupal Rector to check custom code, and test your site thoroughly for compatibility and user experience issues. Learn how to incorporate your Drupal 9-compatible modules in your Drupal 10 project.

When is the Drupal 11 release date scheduled for?

Drupal 11 is scheduled to release in August 2024. Drupal 11 will be a pivotal movement for the CMS, focusing on content editing, performance, security, and developer opportunities. Let us help you prepare for Drupal 11 by upgrading you to Drupal 10 now. Let’s talk!

At the risk of sounding a bit too proud, we know what we’re doing. As one of the top five contributors to Drupal for multiple years and being a Signature Supporting partner, we get to help improve the platform that allows us to deliver innovation. But even more importantly, as a Drupal development company, giving back to the community is a moral responsibility. All of us drive the project forward.

Standing Out

End-to-End Expertise

We offer a full-suit of design and development services that includes UI/UI design, Drupal 9 front-end and back-end development, deployment, maintenance and support, consulting. Our team consists of experts with varied experiences and vantage points and together they can create truly comprehensive solutions.

Deployment and Scaling Expertise

With our Drupal 9 development services, we have enabled organizations to launch complex and high-traffic websites/applications that are highly scalable. Our expertise with cloud IAAS/PAAS like Amazon AWS, MS Azure, Pantheon, Acquia Cloud, etc. have helped us achieve success with our growing customers.


Our Drupal 9 developers have successfully delivered websites and applications that are innovative, secure, flexible, robust, and scalable irrespective of the complexity or business vertical. We have the expertise and the experience to create compelling solutions for your business that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Cost Effective

Some of the largest enterprises in the world have employed our Drupal development services. We have proven to be a Drupal development company that offers top notch services at competitive prices. Contact us today for a quote.

Customers Come First

The reason why we continue to have long-term technology partnerships with our customers is because we always follow the customer-first approach. Putting the customer first has always helped us in building lasting relationships. Earning your trust is our priority.


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