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Digital Transformation For B2B Enterprises

As digital channels are the foundation for a b2b enterprise, a robust Web CMS ecosystem remains the cornerstone of that foundation. Drupal CMS with its extensive features and scalability provides the perfect ecosystem for a good visitor experience.

Enable secure access to account information, orders, and upcoming product/services information to your business clients with Drupal. With expertise in creating b2b enterprise solutions on Drupal, Specbee will deploy your digital strategies according to your specific operations and security requirements.

With Specbee as your Drupal partner, you have a best-in-class team to implement a digital framework and manage your content to drive a Drupal powered seamless user experience, enabling you to offer a customized and personalized experience to your clients. Take a look at how we have helped 24-7 inc a leader in customer experience management.


Decoupled Drupal for a rich user experience

Specbee's expertise in decoupled Drupal architecture enables you to fully control your enterprise website’s rendered markup and user experience through front-end.

Furthermore, the use of client-side frameworks ensures that your b2b website has a smoother interactivity, optimistic feedback (a response appears before the server has processed a user’s query), and a non-blocking user interfaces (allowing a user to interact with the web application while some portions are still loading).

Leveraging Drupal's rendering system with the use of technologies such as AngularJS, and NodeJS, our certified Drupal team can help you present your content layer faster than ever, thus providing a new dimension to your enterprise b2b solutions.


With unmatched experience in Drupal development, Specbee uses the best practices in the industries to build and manage your web presence. Your web presence deployment and development will be carried out following the best devops practices. All our major deployments are driven by robust and automated Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices that allows for fully controlled and precise management of your digital presence.


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