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The digital evolution brought a new set of challenges and opportunities to the media and publishing sectors. Although enterprises can now reach millions of viewers, they’ve had to increase content distribution channels, deal with thousands of digital assets, and manage multiple integrations, to name a few obstacles.

Whether you are a start-up or a veteran in the industry, Drupal is your perfect CMS match. Our Drupal expertise can help you launch your website right off-the-shelf, or we can help you customize it, creating a more bespoke experience. Specbee’s Drupal experts worked closely with the media and publishing industries, and we’re proud of our sterling record of results.

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Specbee was consistently responsive to our requests, and built an on-budget site that met all of our specifications.
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As a Drupal website development company with expertise in delivering Drupal solutions for media and Publishing websites, we have the tools and experience needed to take you from “idea to revenue”.

Bespoke services

We operate around your workflow rather have you modifying your system fit into a CMS. There are a variety of Drupal modules and integrations to choose from that have been tailored to fit every single requirement that a media company or publishing house might have.


Decoupled approach

Publishing and distributing content across multiple channels has been simplified with Drupal’s Decoupled/Headless approach. Focus on your content while our Drupal experts takes care of the rest.


Simplified Content Management

Content management with Drupal is an absolute breeze. We can help you manage huge volumes of content, templates, digital assets (videos, images, pdfs’, etc.), and taxonomies effectively and with ease.


Content Personalization Services

Personalization is the future, especially in the media and publishing markets. People will like what they see only if they see what they like. We take content personalization very seriously, and Drupal has a wide array of modules to help us meet your personalization goals.


Responsive Content

Content should not be biased. No matter what device it’s being viewed on, it needs to look appealing to create a positive impact. Drupal now offers responsiveness out-of-the-box, which makes delivering superlative digital experiences, irrespective of the device, even easier.


Use Thunder Distribution To Get Up And Running Fast!

Thunder is a Drupal 8 distribution designed by Hubert Burda Media that has a huge list of modules curated just for the media and publishing industry. Our developers like working with Thunder; it not only speeds up the whole development process, but it is also easy to use and implement. Here’s what Thunder offers:

  • Helps you tell your stories effectively and publish them effortlessly.
  • Comfortably enriches articles with media using powerful media modules, including Media entity, Entity browser, and more.
  • Provides you with a plethora of modules that can help you boost our SEO.
  • Gives you the freedom to plan your publications and schedule them when you want.
  • Thunder’s admin theme makes content authoring experience a breeze. …and much more!