Pioneering Digital Innovations For Healthcare

With patients acting more and more like typical consumers, your healthcare system requires a streamlined digital experience. We can help you create a seamless framework for patient and consumer engagement.

Drupal serves as an ideal platform to improve digital experiences for medical website development. Drupal is inherently flexible, has robust API capabilities, and boasts best-in-class security; together, these features mean Drupal is perfect for creating a best-in-class healthcare web presence.

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Powered by Drupal, and guided by certified experts from Specbee, your team will have the best resources to transition your medical web properties and provide a fully-integrated, seamless, intuitive, and cost-effective solution capable of adapting to the constant changes in the healthcare industry.

Drupal Healthcare Experience

Specbee has revamped and managed web properties for one of Asia's largest healthcare providers. We have also enabled a cohesive digital experience platform across multiple regional websites for Aster hospitals. Let us leverage our expertise to benefit you.

If you are looking to implement and customize digital strategies for healthcare, look no further. With Specbee as your Drupal partner, you have a top team that will help you deliver a tailored healthcare solution.

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Using Decoupled Drupal For A Rich User Experience

Specbee's expertise in decoupled Drupal architecture enables you to fully control your medical website’s design, rendered markup, and user experience through front-end.

The use of client-side frameworks ensures that a website has smooth interactivity, optimistic feedback (a response appears before the server has processed a patient’s query), and non-blocking user interfaces (allowing patients to interact with the web application while some portions are still loading).

Leveraging Drupal's rendering system with the use of technologies such as AngularJS and ReactJS, our certified Drupal team can help you present your content layer faster than ever, adding robustness to your digital healthcare solutions.

At the risk of sounding a bit too proud, we know what we’re doing. As one of the top five contributors to Drupal for multiple years and being a Signature Supporting partner, we get to help improve the platform that allows us to deliver innovation. But even more importantly, as a Drupal development company, giving back to the community is a moral responsibility. All of us drive the project forward.


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They’ve helped us have a better user experience and customer interaction.
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