1. Quality

We are suckers for quality. Your article goes through tons of reviewing by experts before it can be accepted and published. Here’s what you need to remember –

  • Believe in what you write – else even the world won’t.

  • Spelling and grammar errors are unacceptable. Spend a good amount of time in proof-reading your article before you submit.

  • A minimum 1000 word article is a must. However, avoid writing a 1500+ words long piece.

  • We are equipped enough to check for plagiarism and only accept original (must not exist even in your own blog) and unique content.

  • Your article should be well-formatted, detailed and cover all aspects of your topic.

  • Don’t forget to have a mind-blowing Title.

2. Preferred Topics

Our topics revolve around –

  • Information Technology trends such as Blockchain, AI, Big-data

  • Drupal

  • E-commerce

  • Digital Marketing

  • UX/UI

We want our readers to takeaway valuable information from these above mentioned topics only. Content should be fresh, authentic and relevant to our audience.

3. Images / Infographics

One quality image or infographic can brighten your work while too many weighs down the page. Although not mandatory, an image/ infographic would be ideal. Send them to us as attachments with your email (once approved we will contact you).

4. Links

We are more than glad to give you credit for your masterpiece. However, you are allowed only one link to your/your company’s website in your Bio (Author’s Bio must not get longer than 50 words). We check for spammyness, so links that lead us to spam websites are rejected. Internal linking (related blogs or pages within our website) is done by us for your blog but if you are free to place links to other pages of our website yourself.

(P.S - If your Domain Authority (DA) is less than 40, we can give you a NOFOLLOW back-link only)

5. Ownership

Once published, your article will be completely owned by us -A contributor cannot republish their article on any other platform.

P.S - If you think you can write great articles whilst following the above mentioned guidelines, shoot us an email at [email protected] with your Article Title and a little something about yourself. If we find the title/topic interesting enough, we will get back to you immediately..

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