When was the last time you felt that digital marketing has not undergone any evolution with respect to the technologies used? On the same lines, there is one thing that has always been constant in digital marketing, i.e its transformation.

What was a go-to practice a few months back, may very well be forgotten by the end of this year, courtesy the emerging technologies. With the trends changing rapidly with time, it is important to stay on top of these changes to understand the market and achieve success.

Irrespective of your status as an entrepreneur company or a fortune 500 company, lead generation is your lifeblood. Without leads there are no clients, no revenue, no nothing. As the market has so much of competition, coming up with a strategy for lead generation should be the first thing in your mind.

But before you jump in and start holding meetings to build up strategies for your company, let us discuss some important points which you should keep in mind, so that your strategy becomes successful enough to generate leads.

Social Media - Know Where You Tread

It is a well known fact that social media is a powerful lead generation tool for building and nurturing relationships.It is the world's most sought after trend right now and everybody is there, everybody is talking. But don't expect mere social media presence to be the game changer. You should know what exactly you have to do, and where exactly you have to implement, to generate more leads.

A statistical report by Oktopost points out that more than 80% of the B2B leads through social media are from LinkedIn. What do you make of this? It is pretty obvious that LinkedIn must be your top priority. The biggest gathering of professionals, LinkedIn is the perfect and most effective platform to promote your business in order to gain leads. The same report also states that Twitter and Google+ are the least effective platforms, and play a very minor role in generating leads. Now you know not to waste too much time on perfecting those tweets on Twitter!

It is also important that your social media presence is an active one. Create pages, join groups and participate actively in any related talks or conversations in order to get in touch with more people and have a strong marketing presence among them.

Content Marketing is Still The King

Content marketing is something that has been there for a very long time now. Though it is not new, the content strategy changes on a regular basis due to various advancements in the digital world. But how to utilize content to generate leads? The sole vastness of this field can get you confused on what exactly you need to do for better content marketing. Here are some of the ways which would play an important role in generating valuable leads.

  • Webinars - Keep in mind that webinars are not for selling your product. They are for providing information to your audience about certain things that they are interested in. Choose a topic which is appealing enough to your market segment and set up a webinar to get your message in front of a large audience. The technological growth makes it even more easier for you to reach out to a larger audience who might be relatively interested.
  • Research Reports - Publishing research reports is not the first thing that comes to everybody's mind when they think of content marketing. But research reports do play an important role, especially by being a source for all those information hungry researchers out on the internet. What better way of getting leads than by inviting a flood of connections through your reports?
  • Videos and Blogs - These two are by far the best form of content that you can include in your website. With the ability to attract more number of viewers, videos and blogs are two of the largest sources for lead generation. If used effectively, these can help you dominate the search engine results and gain recognition in the market.

Join The Mobile Revolution

A recent study shows that the. Majority of Consumers rely on their mobile phones for research, e-commerce engagement, entertainment and many other activities. With the presence of so many possible leads in the mobile space, you obviously need to be present right there, with them, in order to make your mark. But it is not going to be an easy task. The mobile world is getting smarter by the day and is currently one of the fastest growing fields.

In the coming years, mobiles will no longer be those devices which you hold in your hand. Instead, the device will just be virtual, whose display can be projected anywhere you like. With the virtual and augmented reality gaining huge amount of positive response, you need to be a part of this, and everything else that stirs the interest of a consumer in the digitally driven world.

Include The Art of Automation

Automation is that buzzword in the market which is not well understood by everybody. It is important to note that, market automation is not only a lead generation strategy, but also a digital marketing strategy which includes lead generation. Automation is capable of gaining vital information in order to track user behaviour on the website or social media and then gain leads.

On the higher level, advanced automation efforts involve the complete process from market research to lead management, campaign analysis, lead qualification and sales effectiveness. With the introduction of software like chat bots, and intelligent systems in the form of robots, automation has become the intellectual part of any business in the digital world and plays a major role in generating leads and nurturing them.

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