Upgrading and consolidating multiple web properties to offer a coherent digital experience for Physicians Insurance

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The Brief

Physicians Insurance provides risk-management consulting, continuing medical education, and claims administration services for medical firms in the Pacific Northwest, and is the largest insurer of physicians in Washington State. They needed assistance with upgrading multiple sites to Drupal 9. Specbee's work included:

  • Migrating PhyIns.com and MedchoiceRRC.com to Drupal 9,
  • Consolidating multiple web properties into the parent company site,
  • Upgrading and improving API integrations with ERP systems and LMS,
  • Creating a shared resource library accessible across web properties,
  • Developing an enhanced Careers page,
  • Implementing modules to enhance customer support capabilities.


The Challenges


  • Integration with external entities such that data presentation is seamless.
  • Multi-tiered role based access control. Customized user registration and authentication work flows.
  • Implementation of data access guidelines based on users, program selection and other parameters.
  • Seamless integration with third party healthcare LMS.
  • Intuitive and Faceted search implementation.


Our Approach

We worked closely with the Physicians Insurance team to identity integration touch points, user role definitions and program structures. This allowed us to arrive at API definitions and custom data flow definitions which we then implemented in Drupal by building custom modules. We built a centralized data repository backend on Drupal that enables PI to push content to multiple sites at once eliminating repetitive work. The data that is pushed is rendered on different sites according to the structure and design of that particular site. We implemented a CI/CD process that enables secure, controlled, quick and efficient deployment of new features and evolution of the websites. Request a call back today to know more about how our accelerated deployment approach can help you.

Drupal 204x51-01-min.jpeg
html 5
css 3
Drupal Content Management System Framework.
MySQL for database
HTML 5, CSS 3, BootStrap 3, JQuery, for the web front end
Acquia (Enterprise Edition) for server stack