Drupal Migration Experts

Drupal 10 has arrived, and we're fully prepared to guide you through a seamless upgrade. Specbee's team of specialists in Drupal migration and upgrades can help your brand take the next step in Drupal. We're not just experts; we create engaging and customer-focused online experiences that lead to real business success.

If you're moving from Drupal 6/7/8 (or any other CMS) to Drupal 9/10, you're in the right place! Upgrade to Drupal 10 for a stronger online presence. Start by transitioning smoothly to Drupal 9, which offers easy upgrades - forever! 

Watch Great Southern Homes - A Success Story on YouTube.

A Drupal migration case study

"Our Drupal migration and redesign were daunting tasks and Specbee handled them admirably. We look forward to working with you for years to come!" 

-- Bill Earle, Director of Strategic Markets, Great Southern Homes

Watch the video to see how we delivered a Drupal-powered website revamp that showed great results for Great Southern Homes, a leading homebuilder in the U.S. 

How it's done

Migration Audit

  1. Identify website features, functionality, modules, and content structure.
  2. Conduct a detailed analysis to understand the digital landscape.
  3. Catalog content views for easier replication.
  4. Develop a strategic content migration strategy.
  5. Safeguard and transfer valuable content to a new destination.

Build application

  1. Meticulously rebuild content structure during Drupal migration.
  2. Replicate website features.
  3. Conduct thorough regression testing.
  4. Ensure a solid foundation, seamless functionality, and flawless performance.
  5. Renewed online presence.

Migrate Content

  1. Develop legacy content using robust Drupal content structure.
  2. Ensure a seamless transition from the past to the present.
  3. Import all contents and valuable assets from the previous system.
  4. Preserve integrity and enhance accessibility of imported content.
  5. Meticulously validate the entire data migration process for data accuracy and completeness.


  1. Thoroughly test migrated data for sanity and integrity.
  2. Subject replicated features to smoke testing and load testing.
  3. Guarantee seamless performance under various scenarios.
  4. Conduct meticulous security checks.
  5. Search for vulnerabilities and fortify the website against potential threats.