I feel most of you guys would agree with me on this. As an owner of an ecommerce brand, the real problem is not getting the people to buy something; it is getting them to your website first! The ecommerce market has become a battlefield in the recent years. As new ecommerce brands are popping up each day, the competition is quite fierce, and to top it all, each and every ecommerce brand is going after the same set of audience!

At such times, it is not so easy to set yourself apart from all the other ecommerce brands and transform yourself into a profitable business. It takes a lot of work, especially when the implementation of your digital strategies is just not enough anymore - you need to get people to talk about your ecommerce brand.

Just the social media campaigns, paid ads and other functional strategies are not enough to get the kind of traction your ecommerce website requires in order to succeed and grow. You need to be creative, willing to take risks, willing to experiment and willing to face failure before you reach your goal. Let us talk a little more about how do you get the people to talk about your ecommerce brand.

Tell A Story

One major disadvantage for e-commerce brands around the globe is that, they never get to meet and interact directly with their customers. As a result, it becomes difficult for these brands to know what exactly do their customers expect from them. So in order to connect with your customers, as an e-commerce brand, you need to think out of the box and help these potential customers understand the value of doing business with you.

One of the best ways of doing this and get the people to talk about your ecommerce brand,your ecommerce website development and what your business does, is to narrate some great stories about your company, the work you do, your products, customers and everything else. The more you tell, the better it gets. Such stories not only help you in building trust with your customers, but also nurture the relationship and ultimately convinces the visitors to buy your products. Stories that talk about your origin, how your products are created and who are the customers who buy these products are the kinds which can be quite intriguing.

We Are Here To Help You

Live chats not only represent the seller in front of the visitor, but also provides a huge opportunity for both of them to understand each other better. Live chat connects the seller directly with buyers when they are actively shopping on their e-commerce website. If a visitor has any question regarding the products he is looking for, or if he needs an advice to make a better choice, live chat is the best way to handle such requests on the go.

This not only ensures brand building, but also plays a major role in avoiding shopping cart abandonment. A recent research showed that more than 40% of the online visitors were happy with the fact that their questions were being answered in real time, by a real person.

But as an e-commerce brand, you need to understand that the key to a successful interaction is possible only when you have highly qualified, trained and friendly people. You cannot expect a telemarketer who has absolutely no idea about how your business works, to do this work for you. He is more likely to do more harm to your commerce business than good.

The Hero

If you don't have any problem with the budget, you can hire a social influencer who can talk about your brand and also create sponsored content for your business & products.

These influencers can be a great asset to a company because of their ability to interact and influence a large number of loyal followers across various channels. For the ecommerce businesses focused primarily on a certain niche, hiring an influencer can probably be the best thing to happen to your ecommerce business.

At the same time, you need to be careful not to hire the wrong person, especially when you are dealing with a specific niche. Also, make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations enforced by the FTC.

Rewards Are Always Amazing

If your product or service is just amazing and no one is as good as you, your ecommerce business might experience something known as the “referral loop”. That is a customer who does business with you, refers your business to a couple of other people who then become your customers and impressed by what they experience, refer you to a few other people. You need to be like super good for something like this to happen to your ecommerce store!

However, many ecommerce businesses turn to artificial referral loops in order to gain more recognition and potential new customers. If you haven't been seeing lot of such mentions about your brand, products your ecommerce store, or if you are finding it really hard to get the people to talk about your ecommerce brand, you might have to start thinking about starting a new strategy. A strategy where you attract your customers with nice incentives, discounts, freebies etc and in exchange ask them to spread the word about your ecommerce site.

For example, you might offer every customer a discount of 15% on their next purchase if they share your brand with their followers on social media and succeed in driving them to visit your ecommerce store. You can take it up a notch higher by providing a discount of 10% to all those who visit your store from the social media referral of your previous customer.


I have always loved surprises!! Remember those days when we used to wake up early on our birthday just to tear into the surprise presents our parents would have got for us? Even now,as an adult, I still enjoy some occasional surprises and some unexpected little gifts which make me happy.

Now think of your customer having the same feeling of surprise and happiness when he visits your store for the first time! A new customer comes to your ecommerce store, looks around a bit, checks out a few products, and finally ends up buying something relatively small. He checks out and maybe he will come back again, or he may not!

Now, what if he had no clue about the little surprise that you have in store for him? Might be a small discount on the purchase of some other offers on his first visit to your ecommerce store. With such measures,you not only lift the initial barricade between the buyer and the seller, you are also taking the first step towards building a loyal relationship with the customer.

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