Is there any similarity between the websites of the Economist, Mint, New York Government and Arizona University? Yes, there is! All these websites are made with Drupal Commerce, particularly created for a content management system (CMS) framework.

Written in PHP code which is free of any licensing costs and, henceforth, it saves money when it comes to developing a website using it. Apart from this, there are still many reasons why you should use Drupal for your E-Commerce website development. The five amongst those are as follows:

Unimaginable Functionalities:

Drupal Commerce possesses advanced and effective functionalities like polls management, graphics etc. assisting the developers to design advanced websites effectively. With Drupal, you can also have the advantage of using forums, photos, event calendars and videos in your website.

Along with this, its multi-user functionality makes it exceptionally useful if you are creating a website for the enterprise client.

Advanced Modules:

Drupal commerce being a modular, open source web content management framework, ships with basic functionality in the form of core modules. One such module is Secure Pages which is a very simple module that gives you the opportunity to ensure simple ways on your site by utilizing some basic example matching.

There are twenty-nine thousand modules and two themes in Drupal which can be extensively used to design customizable templates. These modules enhance the performance of the website without requiring much of manual actions from developers.

Fast Deployment:

You can deploy Drupal Commerce based websites within hours. When the core is installed, the developer doesn’t have to bother about the platform for managing the content, images and making third party integration.

With the appropriate Drupal development services, you can avail the facility of making customizations after deploying the site. You can change a live site as per business requirements and feedback.

Smart Device Friendly:

The increasing popularity of mobile internet and high competition in the business world has made it virtually impossible for any marketers, organizations, corporates and advertisers to exist without a mobile compatible website. To note here, Drupal ecommerce is extensively used in these websites.

Internet marketing is benefitting all types of businesses. Keeping this aspect in mind, Drupal Commerce creates websites in such a way that they can be viewed on android phones, iPads and other smart devices in the same way as they are viewed on the website.

SEO Friendly:

The SEO Modules of Drupal consist mainly of Page Title, Pathauto, Sitemap and XML sitemap which provide many options to make the content visible in a search engine friendly manner. The importance of Drupal development services lies in this owing to the fact that all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are content driven and they give priority to high quality and lucrative content to rank their websites higher.

In the process of e-commerce website creation, Drupal is considered to be the best! The top class characteristics and flexibility that Drupal development services offer, it enables to create a spectacular website that is secure in every manner.

Today, all the organizations of the world-whether governmental or non-governmental-are increasingly using Drupal. In short, it is a very nifty tool that has brought a kind of revolution in website development. While there is no dearth of Drupal development companies in today’s market, you can easily avail the required Drupal development services and make your websites more effective!

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