One thing which I don't understand is that, whenever we talk about building a website or development of a web application, people immediately associate it with code. But then, it is not about just coding and hosting the app. Building a website also includes a thorough research on the community and co-designing a scalable product to compete within a web called Internet Of Things.

With larger data oriented websites getting complex day by day, they need a platform to support, manage, and at the same time secure their complete system as well as the applications developed on them.

Can you think of a CMS platform which not only has the capability of managing the website and the application, but can also provide security and governance? Drupal immediately comes to your mind! Right?

Designed for maximum scalability and customization, Drupal is the perfect platform to build such data oriented, complex, web applications. With its endless features and innumerable modules, Drupal never fails to amuse you.

Let us have a look at some of those features that sets Drupal apart from the other CMS frameworks.

Security in Drupal

With the best track record in terms of being secure, Drupal is definitely what you need in today's world. With its organized process for verifying, investigating and publishing the possible security issues, you wouldn't have to worry about the security of your site or web application anymore.

A team dedicated to constantly work with the community, takes care of all the security issues by coming up with optimal solutions or suggestions. With most of the Government sites using Drupal as their CMS framework, it is kind of obvious that Drupal is the best when it comes to security.

Scalability in Drupal

It is a different thing to have a website or a web application which experiences a lot of traffic, always. On the other hand, if you belong to the other group, where your site gets hit with traffic bursts at times, you probably know that there are chances of your site crashing down, if that traffic is not handled well. But if you are using a Drupal framework, you can just sit back and relax, because Drupal is known for its capability to keep your site up and running when you are in the spotlight for that short period of time., and the are just a few of the world's biggest websites (they get hit by enormous traffic bursts at times) running on a Drupal platform, in a phenomenal way even during their busiest days.

Robustness in Drupal

It is not surprising if you begin to wonder whether Drupal is just for those huge data oriented websites, or does it support other types of websites as well? No matter what the size of your project is, Drupal is efficient enough to handle it in the most effective manner. From a small marketing firm to a huge data driven web application, Drupal platform is capable enough to handle it without even a small glitch.

Flexible Drupal Framework

Flexibility is one such factor which sets the Drupal framework apart from all the other CMS frameworks in the market. It might be introducing new features into an existing site or an application, or picking up from where you left the last time, Drupal offers a solid foundation for your creative minds to work further on your website.

Along with solutions that majority of the websites and web applications require, Drupal framework also allows you to build on top of it to create your own application with the functionalities that you desire.

Drupal- An Open Source Community

Built on the principles like innovation, globalism and cooperation, Drupal can be downloaded, used and shared by anyone who is interested. What makes Drupal platform more interesting is its community, comprising of more than a hundred thousand developers, designers, trainers, editors and strategists working in tandem. With such a huge and highly active Drupal community, you never have to worry about getting stuck somewhere, while building your site or web application. Everyone in the community is extremely focused on developing the technology and helping their fellow users. This helps in saving time in development, so that your site or application can go live as quickly as possible.

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