I don’t know whether it is by default, or it is the effect of the device, but mobile users are extremely impatient. So much so that a survey conducted by Kissmetrics shows that close to 50% of the mobile users expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, and 40% of them leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, never to return back again.

To counter this, Google came up with an an open source initiative that allows content to be optimized for mobile once & loaded everywhere instantly. Announced on 7th of October 2015, Google called this initiative as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This architectural framework allowed publishers to deliver content at high speed through the mobile web. The main goal behind the initiative was to improve the performance of mobile web with a user-concentric approach in mind. On the CMS side, Drupal's AMP module delivers pages that comply with the Google AMP standards and contribute to the drastic improvement in the performance of the mobile content.

As a Marketer, What Should You Know?

The AMP module plays a major role in mobile responsiveness, thus setting a new standard for your customers' experience. And it is a well known fact that with better responsiveness & customer experience, comes better Google Search Engine Rankings. Google gives high priority to sites which are mobile friendly, fast and are focused on providing a better user experience to their customers. As a result, websites optimized using AMP will certainly have a better Google ranking.

The Drupal AMP module converts the existing Drupal pages to comply with the AMP standards. A special AMP formatters for text, image and the video fields is provided by the module. These formatters include:

  • An AMP theme which works just like any other Drupal theme with flexibility & customized on page display with a specific markup that the AMP HTML standard requires. AMP PHP library which automatically converts images, I-frames, Tweets, and other social HTML into AMP equivalents. This library analyzes the HTML entered by the users & makes all the necessary corrections to adapt them with AMP HTML
  • Usually, AMP runs on a stripped version of HTML (AMP HTML) which strips and loads the various elements that cause web pages at a very slow pace on mobile. As a result, these pages load four times faster than the regular pages. No wonder advertisers and marketers depend on AMP these days to reach out to their users.

Why AMP?

One thing that should concern you is why should a marketer care about AMP Module? And why should one use AMP module for a website.

Because Google Wants You To

From February 2016, Google started integrating AMP pages into its search engine results. Especiallly for mobile results, Google holds content with AMP modules (News carousel) above all the other results. Due to this, the organic results are pushed down, thus affecting a website's Google search ranking & resulting in fewer clicks & impressions.

AMP Helps Your SEO

There is a high speculation that AMP may become one of the most important ranking signal for SEO because Google has made it quite clear that mobile responsive sites and sites with less loading time will find higher Google search ranking. And if you have news or blogs on your site, Drupal AMP module can easily get you better rankings.

You Can Stop Worrying About Loading Speed

On an average, an AMP page loads 15-85% faster than a regular web page which enables the user to take advantage of on a mobile device. This can lead to higher conversions & lesser abandonment rates

Bounce Rate? Easily Taken Care Of

A high page load time can result in a high bounce rate which can drain down all the marketing & the advertising efforts of a company. A Drupal AMP module can lower the bounce rate of your website, increase its visibility and set new standards for user experience.


How many of you know that page loading time directly impacts sales? Yes you read that right. Pages which load one second faster result in a 27% increase in conversion rates. And every second's delay can result in a drop of more than 7%. Now you know how important an AMP module is! It is not surprising to know that some of the biggest brands around the globe, across all verticals make use of AMP on their site to stay successful and use it to their advantage.

Everything Around You Is Fast

AMP HTML with smart caching, predictable performance & modern content makes the web fast and commendable. Pinterest conducted a test to see how fast are AMP pages and they noted that the AMP module pages on their iOS and Android apps loaded four times faster & used eight times less data than the normal mobile pages. That's quite fast!


In recent times, businesses are using AMP modules for their ads and are seeing a greater revenue in return. According to a report, more than 80% of the publishers are seeing higher views and more than 90% of them are driving greater engagement with a high number of click-through-rates.

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