I'm sure that whenever you read something about Drupal, you come across certain things, always! They range from 'You can do that with Drupal, you cannot do this with Drupal' to 'that is available on Drupal’ and ‘this is certainly not needed if you use Drupal'. But at the same time, if you have noticed carefully, it is less of ‘how in Drupal'? or maybe 'who else is doing this in Drupal'?

In the recent years, Drupal platform has turned into one of the most trustworthy and an effective framework which you can rely on, for an impactful brand optimization. The SEO friendly architecture and the open source nature of Drupal CMS, makes it the first choice to achieve a brand identity.

Let us know a bit more about what I’m exactly trying to tell about brand identity, and how Drupal can help you achieve it.

The King and the Queen

If you look into the content marketing strategy of Rolex, you will certainly be amazed with how they work on building their brand and connecting more with their users. For a brand like Rolex which can go for centuries without having to change, because of its timeless classic image with the people, it is certainly a challenge to have something fresh and innovative in their content.

To tackle this, they use a simple but yet effective marketing strategy where they produce beautiful images of their products for their social media. This content that they post, the photographs or the videos, are sleek and appealing to that specific lifestyle of the Rolex users, and they are easily able to produce new, effective and a captivating content.

My point here is, be it a part of digital marketing strategy, or providing the actual product information, it is important to deliver relevant content across various channels. Not neglecting these channels, they play a major role in the popularity of your content (just like how a queen upholds the popularity of her king in the kingdom) thus providing a wider exposure to your brand.

With Drupal platform, it becomes easy to create a brand identity by delivering robust content to your visitors, relevant to their interests and your brand. Though it started as a content management system, the continuous evolution in the field has redefined it as a content management framework. With its incredible user experience, this feature driven framework is more of a digital experience rather than just a Content Management System.

Be Human, Start Socializing

When it comes to being social, brands have a certain way of dealing with it. They are more like a robot, trying to measure their success based on the followers in their social media. But “social” is not just the non-humans (Take into count all your social websites here) in the online world, but also the meaningful interactions and engagements that humanize your brand and create relationships that help you grow in the field.

grammy.com, nbcolympics.com and the examiner.com are just a few of the world's biggest websites (they get hit by enormous traffic bursts at times) running on a Drupal platform, in a phenomenal way even during their busiest days.

First things first, include humans in your social pages. Photographs of your staff or a news feed on how the staff work or something similar which gives out the culture of your brand to the people who see it. Automative sales site Edmunds.com does an amazing job when it comes to this. They can be nothing but cars, all day, all week, but they have included the personalities of people who drive their cars. They tweet about their staff testing the cars, staff training and sometimes even the staff involvement.

A mistake that most brands make, but yet fail to notice is that, they treat the social channels as a one-way medium. They fail to utilize the social media as the best medium to answer customer enquiries. American Airlines and Mattel are two such brands which actively engage with their customers by responding to them through their social channels.

So basically, what I'm trying to tell you is, by connecting more with your customers socially, you make them feel that they have a say, and that the brands are listening to them. And with a Drupal CMS, you can easily let your users know that, Yes you are listening to what they have to say.

A Drupal platform makes sure that your brand is given a consistent, modern and a luxury standard cross platform. It also enables direct integration of a social tool such as "add this to your Drupal site" which helps a lot in socializing your brand and creating your own brand identity among all the readers. A Drupal platform also enables such readers to share what they read within their network, thereby increasing the referrals and traffic to your website.

Personalization? Think further!

Recently, Amazon - one of the biggest global e-commerce and cloud computing company, took shopping to a new level with their concept of Amazon Go. Based on the integration of artificial intelligence and computer vision with a brick-and-mortar grocery store, this concept allows people to walk in, grab whatever they want and just leave the store without having to wait in line at a check-out register. The receipt for the things that they picked up would directly be sent to their mobile phones via Amazon Go app. As simple as that.

Working further on the same technology, they will soon start interacting more with their customers by sending them notifications via their app regarding offers on certain items, when the customer is just a few blocks away from the store. And these notifications will also be personalized and will be based on the previous shopping experience of the customers. This certainly takes it a notch higher than most of the current shopping trends these days.

It is the personalized experiences like these which put your brand ahead of the curve. The right mix of technology and innovation can make personalized digital experience a reality. Identifying the clear use cases and catering to those needs with the help of social data is the key for your brand popularity or brand identity.

Drupal platform allows creation of brand identity by including dynamic and unique features which can be used to customize the content in real time. Which means that you can change your content between two different visitors, based on their interests, and represent your brand using Drupal CMS.

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