Drupal is one of the most popular and powerful open-source CMS that is used for all kinds of websites. You may be an expert in Drupal development, or you might just be getting started, you will know that almost anything can be created by using Drupal services. From a basic brochure to large corporate applications tracking inventory, Drupal allows you to function in any category. Regardless of the type or the category, for a hassle free Drupal project, there are a few things which you should know. Follow these tips to help you work on Drupal in a more proficient way.


Use Git for Drupal Development

Irrespective of the project type, big or small, the first thing a drupal development company does, is to use a CVS module (Concurrent Versions System). Git is more of a DVCS (Distributed Version Control Systems) rather than the just a CVS, as in Git, the working copy of the code of every developer is also a repository that contains the full history of all changes. Designed with performance, security and flexibility in mind, it makes managing your projects much easier. To make things better, the entire Drupal development community uses Git extensively.


Know the Coding Standards of Drupal

One of the best things about Drupal is its coding standards. It ensures that a developer coming on to a project can easily find his way around without any confusion. Most Drupal Development companies prefer writing codes that are secure and consistent with the Drupal Framework in order to protect the sites from various vulnerabilities. The Drupal coding standards allows you to analyze your code and warn you about the errors in them with the help of various tools available. Following these standards would make the life of a Drupal service provider much easier in the long run.


Use Views Module for Drupal Development

Using Views module can be tricky, especially for a first timer in the world of Drupal Development. The Views module allows a site owner to customize the output based on his requirements through the interface, without altering the code. As a Drupal development service provider, you need to know the ability of the Views module to have multiple pages/blocks/feeds/etc in a single view, which makes work simpler. To make things easy, a separate group of people, known as the Views' bug squad, dedicate a few hours a week to fix bugs and provide support. They answer any related queries and help in properly fixing the issue.


Split your Drupal Code

One common mistake that most of them tend to do when starting to write Drupal modules is, they put all their code in a. module file. But, you should note that all. Module files are loaded for every page request. So unless your code is nothing more than a few hundred lines putting it in. Module file will make your life difficult. Instead just split your code into smaller, manageable chunks for easier Drupal development.

Another added benefit to this is that, the entire code becomes easier to scan through. Thus, when other developers are looking for a certain information, they need not scroll through a 1000+ lines, but instead they will immediately know where to find it.


Controlling Spams in Drupal

Drupal development is the best known development software for community websites. But when these websites are kept open for user content and comments, there is a huge chance that the website will end up with spams. These spams are dangerous and affect the Drupal services by violating various guidelines. As a Drupal development company, it is important that you know how to control, as well as manage spam in such cases. As a drupal development service provider, you can make use of the numerous modules like Ban Unpublish module or the Advanced user module, to control these spams and provide better Drupal Services.

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