If your customer is “everybody”, you’re just making things hard for yourself – how would you even identify “everybody”??

In a perfect world, on any given day, everyone would want to purchase from your e-commerce store. But we don’t live in a perfect world do we? In recent times, there has been quite a growth in the E-commerce industry and this indicates that a lot of customers are opting to shop from within their comfort zone.

Millions of shoppers willing to purchase everyday, every minute is pretty exciting, except that you are not alone! So the biggest mistake you could possibly make while marketing your product or service is thinking that your product is for everybody!

If you want to taste success, you need to define your ideal customers and draw a strategy to meet their requirements. Let us talk a bit more about your ideal customers.

Be Smart

Your primary goal as an e-commerce company should be to define your “target audience” and understand the importance of this “special” group of people. If you know who the people are, you know how to get to them.

In today’s world, the influx of irrelevant traffic on the website is the main concern for most of the online businesses. Though some of these businesses have been successful in driving traffic to their platforms with the help of various tools and techniques, the conversion rate from this input is not something they are not proud of.

Paint A Picture

People who engage quite often with your product or service share similar interests, and at certain times even similar characteristics. This will help you fine tune, structure and prioritize the content of your site.

Using this information you can paint individual customer profiles, including their behavioral data and other vital information to help you narrow down on your target audience. With such profiles, it makes things easier as you will be able to target a group of similar customer profiles for your marketing strategies.

Love Brackets

With the profiles in place, your next task would be to categorize your target audience for a better insight. With the use of demographic criteria such as age, location & gender and a few other psycho-graphic criteria like hobbies, behavior cycle and lifestyle choices you can narrow down on the choices of your target audience which will help you refine your strategies.

Action From Interactions

Talking to the right customers helps you know what they think is the best part of your product or service, and where you need to improve to provide an even better experience. Take a step ahead and conduct a survey ( don’t do it for all of your customers. Trust me it is hectic job! ) to know where you stand when it comes to what your users need, and what you are providing them.

The data generated from the feed backs and surveys can then be used to picture your present situation in the market and accordingly come up with some of the best business driving strategies.

Who Else Can Do It For You?

When someone else has already done the work, all you have to do is sit and analyze the data, and then work on it to improve your standings. A quick online search will land you among a plethora of options for some of the best tools ( existing resources ) that can help you find a lot of information about your industry, market, competitors and your potential customers. Some of these resources are :

  • If you have a tight budget – Let’s face it. Developing a Mobile app does not come cheap as it involves a lot of experienced and quality work. Moreover, you might need apps for both platforms – iOS and Android, which might include different teams working on each of them.
  • SEMrush / Ahref : Tools which can help you identify your competitor backlinks, showing you which websites might be interested in the service you provide.
  • Google Trends :The best place to find the most trending topics on the internet ( what your target customers are actually looking for )
  • Alexa : A one stop solution for your SEO & Marketing related queries.
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