Until recently, I had never heard of something called as Website Blindness. A real phenomenon in the digital world, website blindness might turn out to be quite costly for your business. And one thing you are most likely to be guilty of when struck by website blindness is your guess work. Online business owners do a lot guess work from time to time, ultimately relying completely on it to run the show.

This is a bigger concern in the ecommerce industry where guess work could be quite catastrophic. Just because you think you know what your customer wants, does not mean that you are right, and more over with all the confusion in place, you might be losing out on a lot of potential customers. Because unless you make a point to keep your customers in mind during every single step you take, you could be going in the wrong way.

Many people believe that ecommerce will overtake the retail business very soon. The stats talk about a different story. Ecommerce growth which was once a big concern for retailers all over the world, has slowed down since a couple of years and researchers expect it to go on the same way. But what happened to all the hype of ecommerce taking over the entire industry? Part of the slow growth can be attributed to e-commerce companies failing to learn from customer journey and experience. There is no doubt that ecommerce introduced better customer interaction, however it is necessary to realize the fact that it is just not the product that the people desire but also a seamless experience.

Now that you have stayed with me this far, let me tell you a secret. Your trump card today is just not about having a strategy to strengthen your brand value and reach out to a broad audience, but also to optimize your customer journey through micro-interactions for a better conversion ratio.

In today's world, ecommerce is a very noisy industry with new ecommerce websites and online stores popping up every single day. With a plethora of options on the table, your customers have never dealt with such a short attention span. According to a research, an ecommerce website has 5 seconds to grab the attention of a potential customer. This is just the first step in a journey of thousand miles.

Mapping The Future of Ecommerce Customer Journey

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