Every time I watch the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”, there is one thing which strikes my mind and I end up thinking about it for days. In the climax of the movie, the managers of the company decide to stick with “Chris” ( In spite of having tons of other options ) not because of his appearance or how he was dressed for the interview, but for the reason that he knew what he was doing, and he knew how to present what he did!

Now what gets me into a thinking spree is that, when provided with some of the finest options, how will I ever be able to pick out the best one? ( Unless I recreate the movie scene! )

Recently, I was reading an article on what makes a mobile app development company successful, and I couldn’t help but notice that, it is no more based on a single search on Google for a few mobile app related keywords. These days, a Google search will result in you being confronted with a large variety of options. And some of the best companies in the market are not even in present in the options. How then will you choose the right one? Kind of a same situation which I was referring to, right?

So when you decide that you need a mobile app, and a suitable mobile app development company to build our app, you will require a better and a deeper analysis, something apart from the Google results, to come up with a perfect choice. There are quite a lot of factors to consider, but let us just talk about the most important ones.

Past, Present & The Future

The past behaviour is the best indicator of the future performance of any company. And there is no better option than a company’s portfolio which can indicate :

  • The approach of the company
  • Their experience in the market
  • Their comfort level with the different kinds of companies

The Art of Seeing Invisible Things

It is a terrible thing to see, but yet have no vision. A company should be able understand your idea and create a vision to achieve higher standards and success for your app. Now when I say vision, the first thing that strikes anybody’s mind is “ I want to be the best in the world”. In our case it will be “ My app should be the best in the world.”

But do you think this is a vision enough to achieve the success you aim for. Everybody wants to be the best and you are no different than them. This is when the company you choose should jump into action and pull out a plan to make you something different, something which your consumers cannot find anywhere else.

Communication - The Effective Solution

Communication these days are instantaneous and there is no reason why your developer should not update you with the progress of the work on your app. As important as the goals and the steps are, an understanding between you and the developer on each others expectation and capability, is equally needed.

Whether it is to answer any of your questions, or to discuss about the appropriate milestone ( decided beforehand ) they should be available for a constant contact.

Server Side Expertise

As most of the apps find it difficult to run independently, a server support is a must have for a smooth end to end function . Your mobile app development company must have server side expertise to handle your app, so that you can avoid working with multiple companies, which can lead to lots of confusion and blame games every time a problem arises.

User Experience

UX is probably the most important factor for the success of a mobile application. As a mobile app development company, they must be able to create an appealing UX design such that the users do not abandon or uninstall the app because they found it too confusing or frustrating to use. The company you choose must be able to create a UX which acts as a differentiator and help establish a unique value proposition for your app.

Effort and Cost Estimates

While this is not the same for all the projects, it is always good if you have a vague idea of how much effort will your app need and how much you can expect to pay for it. Any average product will have a breakdown of : “Development”, “Design”, “Analysis”, “Testing/Quality Assurance” and “Maintenance”. Once you start speaking with the mobile app development company in more detail, name your budget and ask for a detailed estimate of the project inclusive of all the features, stages of development and the cost for each stage. Based on their previous estimate, your company should be able to provide an accurate estimate, better than their counterparts.

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