An optimized User Interface is the secret science behind any successful e-Commerce site. In order to attract customers, keep them engaged, retain them, boost up sales and revenue, a site has to be compelling and equally interactive.

Well, if you are planning to build a new website, appealing user interface designs can assure you better results. They will not only help you generating more web-traffic, but will also keep your page visitors engaged and will retain them in the future. And while talking about other benefits of having compelling user interface designs, here are some key benefits that most of the developers won’t tell you about:

User Interaction:

The unique and appealing UI designs, increase the user interaction among your page visitors. The former enable the users to understand the functionality of a website or a page, and achieve their goals without any inconveniences.

Value for Time:

The UI designs can not only attract page visitors but also assure value for the time and resources spent on a page.

Customer Engagement:

A convincing and appealing UI designs enhance the customer engagement which leads to better conversion ratio along with lead and revenue generation.

End to End Solutions:

A well designed user interface provides end-to end solutions to fulfil all the requirements of a user.

Greater Customer Retentions:

Good design dwindles user frustration and results in more positive reinforcements of your company. Elysian customers not only mean that you keep the customers you have, but it also enhances the chances that you will be able to attract new customers through testimonials and word of mouth.

Production Costs:

Good user interface design helps your company dwindle your production costs. You will save money in production costs by focusing your production teams as early in the development process as possible. If the sales and the marketing teams learn about the faults of a product at a later stage, the company will have to devote a great deal of time, effort and money to fix problems.

The consequences could be that your company and your product’s reputation suffers. Apart from that the other product’s development are delayed as your production team has too devote its time fixing the existing the existing product.

Customer Productivity:

If the product has well designed user interface, your users will less rely on online help and training materials and be more productive. Due to this, they will experience very few errors and if they make any errors, good documentation and online help will assist in rectifying them.

Lower Training Costs:

A good interface design dwindles the amount of unnecessary training that your company has to provide.

Lower Customer Support Costs:

The cost of customer support for a high-tech company is 60 percent of the total costs. If users find the user interface easy to use, they will not have the requirement of contacting customer support thus reducing the latter’s costs.

Brand Loyalty:

With compelling and interactive User Interface designs, you can easily convince your customers to stay loyal to you and your brand.

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