"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." - Albert Einstein.

The recent evolution in the web design trends truly justifies the words of one of the greatest scientists of all times! Learning from the ideas of yesterday, we have paved a long way in today’s digital world. Also, the questions raised today can lead us to several new techniques and ideas that are now just a dream!

And while talking about the futuristic web design trends, Drupal web designs steal the show entirely! An extremely user-friendly free CMS framework, Drupal has made it possible for the digital world to bring in numerous revolutionary changes and advances in terms of web design trends. Let’s have a look on 7 of the best Drupal web design trends:

Hero Images

Home page always plays the trump card for a site! Depending on how compelling the home page is, a user decides whether to stick to the site or go on to other sites. Hero images in Drupal web design trends are one of the best ways to seek page visitor's attention and keep them glued to your site.

Though this technique has been prevalent since a long time, loading time and bandwidth issues made it a bad choice for web developers. With the recent evolution in Drupal development services, both these issues got eliminated and it has become possible for the developers to feature HD images in Drupal sites and attract the page visitors!

Flat and Material Design

Ease of accessibility is one of the most important factors in web designing. In Drupal designing, two web design trends: flat and material designing, are used to reduce loading time and improve the overall look of a page.

With flat designs, you can make your page engaging even by using low resolution images. On the other hand, material design allows the developers to focus on subtle details like types of animations used in the page, shades, layers, etc. Combining these two, you can create user-friendly Drupal sites that promise compelling UI and UX designs.


Content is undoubtedly the king in the web world! However, featuring optimised or streamlined content does not necessarily assure the expected result! Alongside having the best content in a site, web designers should also concentrate on how to represent them on the site.

Drupal web designs and services allow developers to choose the exact kind of typography to represent a site or a brand. By doing this, they can enhance the visual identity of the page, product or a brand, and retain viewers on the site.

Video and Animations

Storytelling is an art that can be used to attract customers or keep them glued to a page! In the web world, developers use videos and animation techniques to tell stories about certain brands or products. Using the correct set of video graphics, animation slides, and executing them seamlessly, developers can create Drupal sites that can promise higher visibility and customer retention rates.

Infinite Scrolling

While shopping online, you may have come across a feature that allows you to scroll through numerous products within one page; or infinite number of products within a page. This technique, wherein you can feature infinite number of products in a page, is called the infinite scrolling technique.

Having such a page not only allows to have an endless list; almost infinite, but also simplifies the navigation options for a user. As a result, users do not get distracted easily and continues vesting interest on the page.

Hamburger Menu

Ever noticed the 'Privacy Shortcut' button in Facebook? Well, if you look closely at the button, you will observe the hamburger menu icon that looks similar to the ideogram '☰'; three parallel lines one over the other.

Since the last few years, hamburger menu has become a growing trend in web design. Mostly common in mobile apps and Drupal sites, though this button has been a matter of debate, this navigation button proves to be an extremely appealing feature for any site by allowing better readability and hence focus on your main value proposition.

Hover Effects

The quality of user interaction that a site offers is one of the most important factors that determine a sites’ success ! One little aspect that web developers recommend in order to subtly enhance user interactions on a site is the hover effect. Utmost simple and highly interactive, users find this effect extremely pleasing in terms of user experience and uninterrupted browsing.

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