With lot of time and money being spent on your website, needless to say, you desire for the most impressive user experience design! However, with the evolution and periodic changes in users’ demands, adaptable User Experience (UI) has become a need.

For instance, a user never appreciates a page with average UI and UX; as it takes considerable time for the page to load. On the other hand, a page with the trendiest UI and UX can compel users easily. But then, the question arises, when to update a site’s UX an UI? Find your answers below; build a compelling and extremely user-friendly site.

Conversion Rates Are Dropping – Update User Experience Design:

Conversion, as we all know, is ‘THE’ most important aspect of a business! As long as the conversion graph flows upward, things are good for you. But then, if the pointer is heading down, you know things needs to be updated! Poor user experience designs can be a cause for such downfalls.

In case your site is getting a good amount of traffic, yet there is no improvement in your conversion rate or sales, it is time for you to update your site or its UX and UI. There are various tools such as Google Analytics that can help you in fixing this and to improve your User Experience (UX).

Increased Bounce Rate - Update User Experience Design:

Not all your page viewers will scroll through or browse your whole site! If your site’s UX and UI are not appealing, effortless and updated enough, visitors can navigate out just by viewing the first page. And the analytics consider this as the ‘bounce rate’ of a page.

Greater the bounce rate, lesser will be the user interaction in your site. to decrease bounce rate for any site, it is important for the site to keep its bounce as low as possible. Even the best of the best UI design companies also focus on this aspect and suggests to enhance the overall User Experience (UX) of any site.

Persistent Usability Issues– Update User Experience Design:

When you redesign your UX or UI projects, they need not be something major, or something which is noticeable. Even a subtle change to increase he workflow of your applications, can increase its productivity. Something like Streamlning a process to reduce number of screens, or few changes in the alignment is something which isn't noticeable right away, but will surely deliver tangible benefits in future..

Unresponsive Site – Update User Experience Design:

Internet is not limited to only desktops anymore! More than 50% of the total user access internet through their smart phones or devices, and thus, most UI design companies prefer creating responsive sites these days.

In case, your site is devoid of this feature, it’s the peak time for you to opt for a change and update your UX and UI. Responsive UX and UI will not make your site more interactive, but will also help you in retaining your users.

While doing so, it’s important to note that there is no need to create a separate mobile version in order to have a good UX and UI. Certain things like using a responsive WordPress themes, making use of media queries etc. can help you update your site and make it responsive with a better user experience design.

UX and UI may seem like abstruse, technical concepts, but they deal with functionality of an application at its core. As technology changes, users’ way of interaction also changes. Updating your UX and UI does not involve any changes to its overall aesthetics, but it is a way to make them adapt to the trend.

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