A better performing website for Great Southern Homes

Great Southern Homes is one of the fastest growing home builders in the United States, consistently delivering dream homes to their customers with a focus on quality, affordability and energy-efficiency. They were looking to revamp to focus on design, efficiency and performance. This included:
  • A new design extending their brand identity.
  • Stronger search capabilities for better user engagement.
  • Enhanced content authoring experience

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Project Results

The new website performs better than expected. The project was completed within time and budgets. The performance stats speak for themselves.

Performance Improvement

We enabled lightning fast page loading by implementing server optimization and caching features

Decrease In Bounce Rate

Reduction in bounce rate, resulting in better user experience

Increase In Average Time Spent

Increase in the average time spent by the users on the website, as a result of better usability and engagement.

A User Centric Design Approach

A design that focuses on giving more flexibility to the visitors in order to obtain information as easily as possible.



Centers around a predictive, multifaceted search module



Dynamic, fast, multifaceted search with location map



Providing maximum information and seamless enquiry capabilities



Optimized progressive loading thumbnails with dynamic filters



Providing maximum information and seamless enquiry capabilities

Making the best use of Drupal 8

We leveraged Drupal 8's API first nature, flexibility and extensibility to create a compelling website that performed beyond their expectations

The Great Southern Homes website obtains content (their inventory) from various sources. It needed to connect with different applications and needed to provide them the flexibility to create campaign pages quickly to meet their aggressive sales goals. To achieve these functionalities, some of the Drupal 8 modules we used were searchAPI, Elasticsearch connector, Redis, Geolocation, layout builder, media & media library, business rules and others. We were able to meet all the goals they set for us without any budget or time overruns.

Technologies Used

Drupal Content Management System Framework

MySQL for database

PHP 7.11 for engine development

HTML 5, CSS 3, BootStrap 3, JQuery, AJAX for the web front end

Amazon AWS IAAS for server stack

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