Ankitha Shetty

Drupal Developer

Meet Ankitha Shetty, a certified Drupal 9 developer. She loves attending and presenting at Drupal Camps and is a very active community member. Ankitha enjoys watching cricket and traveling to hill stations. Binge-watching web series is her current favorite pass time while she’s not cheering for her favorite cricket team.

Articles written by Ankitha Shetty

Boost Up your Drupal 9 SEO game - Implementing the RobotsTxt module in Drupal 9

 |  Ankitha Shetty
The RobotsTxt module in Drupal 9 (and 8) is super handy when you have a multisite Drupal setup. Learn why you need the RobotsTxt module for Drupal SEO and how to implement it with this easy tutorial.

Integrating the Sharethis Block Module with Drupal 8 - A Comprehensive Tutorial

 |  Ankitha Shetty
One of the crucial web design tips to ensure your business success is to have social media buttons integrated on your website. Regardless of whether your website is pushing out blog posts or featuring products, you want your content to be shareable so that visitors can easily share among their friends or post to their own social media accounts directly from your website.
In this blog we shall walk you through making your content shareable with social share buttons by integrating it with your Drupal 8 website using one of the popular modules available - the ShareThis Drupal module.

Implementing Google Directions Module in Drupal 8 – A quick guide

 |  Ankitha Shetty
The Drupal Google Directions module allows you to create and add a block to your content where users can add two locations and find directions between the two points. Also displayed are suggested routes based on modes of transport (public transit, cycling, walking or driving) and the time it will take to get there. This block can be positioned via the Block layout and customized to fit any website’s style guidelines.