Businesses and enterprise organisations today are falling into a trap. A trap built around the ROI of their business. Return on Investment is a term in its own right, capable of flipping over businessmen and marketers who have worked decades to understand how the market functions. In the form of an age-old formula, it is still one of the key reliable ways to measure the effectiveness of business strategies and campaigns.

However, organizations these days are hell bent on believing that the ROI for online businesses is either black or white. That is, it is either postive or negative. Now here is the twist; does positive ROI mean you are getting the bang for your buck? What businesses fail to notice is that, a positive return does not always gurantee for what you are really after, a best possible return.

So how do businesses go on to get a measurable ROI and how to achieve it? Here is where Drupal as an enterprise CMS platform plays a key role in driving organizations towards successful campaigns with a better ROI. But what sets Drupal websites apart? What out-of-the-box features of Drupal CMShave an impact on businesses? Let us analyze.

Content Marketing

Marketing is like telling the world that you are a rockstar. Content marketing is showing the world that you are one - Robert Rose, CEO, Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing is more than a buzzword now. The growing demographic diversity and the adoption of more personalized technologies is likely to put any organization into a convergence of changes that challenge the always-been-present, familiar tactics that businesses use to communicate with customers. With the buyers demanding more interactive and relevant content, content marketing is the right choice to fill this gap and create content and distribute, to have an impact on the customers by engaging different market segments. In today's world, if a company does not utilize content marketing, it is certainly missing some vital revenue.

When it comes to content marketing, Drupal is ahead of the curve as it ensures that a content marketing strategy need not pitch a hard-sell but deliver the right content to the right audience, effectively. With its effective modules, themes and an array of tools that makes content creation, customization and publishing an easy task, Drupal is a dream of every content marketer. Some out of the box features, tools or modules that enable Drupal to perform in a seamless manner are :

  • Field Group
  • Path Auto
  • BigPipe
  • Mail System
  • CKeditor


Sustaining in a world where every business wants to go online is not an easy task. Add to that the ever increasing demands of the customers, a slight mistake can cause businesses to tumble down the ladder. One such key factor that determines the success of an online business, is its website performance. Website visitors these days are more demanding and less patient to start of with. This is inevitable due to the fact that there are hundreds of options available and a business that lacks technology and a flexible architecture to stay competitive, could prove to be an expensive mistake.

Drupal as a content management system could very well prove to be the solution for a better performing website.Drupal development ensures secure, scalable. modular and a fast efficiently performing website that could be the spear head of a company's success. Drupal with its customization capabilities, is a key resource to help businesses align with their goals resulting in a better ROI for online business.

Track, Study & Analyze

Although it is highly impossible to account for the future scenario, it is always advisable to find ways to atleast take a glimpse at the road and see where you can improve or be careful in order to meet online business goals. This is an important factor for online businesses where risking on the money, time and effort invested can sometimes just go down the drain. But why is it so important to trcak and measure? To establish a base number and then try to improve upon the same. Now its not as easy it sounds. With multiple factors affecting the growth and the success rate, managing various aspects requires a strong hand.

Drupal with its effective techniques to track the performances, enables online businesses to structure their campaign in a better manner and not waste time iin creating strategies and other plans that do not serve the business purpose. Use of certain tracking metrics like the visits, boune-rates, source of the traffic and landing pages allows marketing executives to evaluate the behaviour of their traffic and strategise accordingly.

Digital Personalisation

In spite of the fact that personalisation is considered to be one of the best practices for online businesses, almost a third of enterprise organisations consider it to be of a lower priority. Personalisation basically follows the understanding and behaviour of the cutsomers in order to fulfill their needs. That means knowing where they are, what they do, what they prefer, which includes purchase and behavioural data. Also, it might be concentrated on knowing how they have received a single piece of content. Personalisation provides that additional step, if done correctly, to target specific market and succeed with a better ROI.

Drupal's ability to integrate with digital tools & better the personalisation experience, helps enterprise organisations to deliver relevant content to potential customers. The customized content allows businesses to prove their value and convey the message, thus keeping the customers engaged.

MultiMedia Content

One of the top content driven social platforms, Facebook, is pushing hard towards curtaing multimedia content. It is quite simple these days. Would you prefer spending 10 minutes on reading a blog post or 3-5 minutes watching a video on the same subject? Or perhaps you prefer a visually appealing infographic. Irrespective of what your answers are to these questions, everyone have their own preferences. Some like texts, some people respond to photos, while some prefer videos. As a company fighting for people's attention, multimedia content is a great way to attract potential customers.

With a well-equipped stack of media management modules and tools that make tasks involving media asset management a lot easier, Drupal adds a whole new dimension to how multi-media content is handled on your website. Some of the hand-picked Drupal tools for a better content management are:

  • Media Module
  • Media Entity
  • Scald
  • Asset Module
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