With content marketing, the objective is quite simple. "Drive profitable Customer Action." While it is about influencing and changing the consumer behaviour by distributing valuable, relevant and attractive content to a defined audience, content marketing still stands far away from the other major streams of marketing.

Marketers who have been successful with content marketing are aware of one thing very well. The Customer's Behaviour Cycle. Now you are probably wondering: "How do I get to know about my costumer's behaviour cycle? To understand that, we need to explore four important steps of a typical buying cycle:

  • Realization: Your customer may not realize that he has a need and there is a solution available.
  • Search: Once your potential customer realizes that there is a solution, further search will help them know better about the available options.
  • Compare and Discuss: By this time, your customer is already comparing different options and discussing it with others about the quality, price and other important aspects.
  • Buy: This is the phase where the customer finally makes a confirmed decision and moves ahead with the transaction.

Doing it the right way with Drupal

The entire marketing process is driven by three important goals:

  • Awareness
  • Driving demands and
  • Customer retention

While a single piece of content cannot achieve all these goals, an organization's entire content can be planned and strategized to meet the demands and advance towards the goals. This is where a Content management System (CMS) comes into the picture. And we all know that finding the perfect CMS for a business is not an easy task. While some are constricted with respect to flexibility and options, others are limited in their work-flow and the type of content that can be created. In order to create a seamless experience and connect better with the customers, balancing the needs with the CMS's control can empower the team to execute near-perfect content marketing strategies online.


Drupal with its modules and themes is the best CMS that strikes this balance perfectly. With an ability to be customized based on various requirements, this open-source CMS is a content marketer's dream companion.

Let us discuss about some of the latest Drupal modules that can enhance the content marketing efforts for a business.


Drupal Modules for Content Marketing

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