Has it ever happened to you? The harder someone tries to sell you something, the more you stay away from it? However, when you come across a research article/videos about the same product, you seem to get more confident and interested about it and might want to give it a try. That's good Content marketing. Content marketing is about treating content like your product and market it in all possible ways that will help you sell your products better and increase your revenues.

As the love for online shopping grows, e-Commerce stores are multiplying. With so much competition, only the fittest can thrive in this every-growing market. The need for content marketing for e-Commerce brands is significantly rising and is one of the most effective means of marketing. With content marketing, consumers can only interact with content that interests them rather than being forced into it. According to statistics, content marketing can increase your conversions by almost 6 times. So why do e-commerce stores need content marketing? It costs about 62% less than regular marketing strategies, there's more leads generated - at least three times more, and many more.

Enlighten them about your e-store

It might seem like the content you publish today is not getting you anywhere but the fact is that when you market your content, you have an audience who is taking notice of your brand. You are spreading the word about your brand by making them take interest in your content that they chose to read. Conversions might not happen immediately but when they build their trust on you over a period of time, it only forms a stronger bond and what you get is loyal consumers.

Research before a purchase

A recent study showed that 81% of online shoppers will research for a product before they make a purchase and 60% of them do so through a search engine. When you have a good content marketing in place, you should show up in the search results and thus make more conversions.

Did we just say Search engine?

When you use the right keywords throughout your content that is relevant to what you are selling on your e-store, you are definitely getting noticed by search engines at the very least and this will boost your SEO ranking.

Emotional Connect

As Seth Godin puts it -"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell". Great content can instantly connect you with your audience which can not only turn leads to customers but also customers to loyal consumers.

The Visual content effect

People love visuals of the product they wish you buy. Its faster than reading through written content and if presented well, can make a lasting effect on them.

How to go about your Content Marketing strategy?

Content marketing is a great way to increase your e-store traffic and there are many more reasons why content marketing is so effective in increasing your conversion rate. Now let’s look at some tips to improve the content marketing for your e-commerce store.

Blog, blog and blog

Coz it not only helps in boosting your SEO ranking but also gets people to land on to relevant information that can help them make a better decision. Write about current affairs and latest trends about your products and products that compliment your products.

Beat around the bush

Not a very good thing to do otherwise but in content marketing for e-commerce, it works. For example, if you're selling cycles, give your users a useful and exciting guide on topics like "exotic destinations you can cycle to" or "places around you to visit with your cycle". This way you're not screaming "buy from us" but you definitely are subtly putting your point across.

Turn events into content and content into events

Attending events and trade shows will give a face to your online brand and connect with people personally. Writing about your event experience will make them feel closer to you. Let your readers know when and where you will be attending your next event so they can get up, close and personal with you.

Introduce How-to's

One of the most effective content marketing strategies for your product is to let your users know how best to use your product. Via how-to guides or videos, you can educate them about different ways to use your product and how it can be used to make their lives easier and more fun. For example, Nestle Milkmaid creates beautiful recipe videos on their website that are extremely tempting and makes you immediately want to grab one.

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