Shefali Shetty

Director of Marketing

Meet Shefali Shetty, Director of Marketing at Specbee. An enthusiast for Drupal, she enjoys exploring and writing about the powerhouse. While not working or actively contributing back to the Drupal project, you can find her watching YouTube videos trying to learn to play the Ukulele :)

Articles written by Shefali Shetty

A Marketer’s Take on why your website deserves a Drupal-powered Makeover

 |  Shefali Shetty
Fear of change holding you back from a website redesign? Read about our first-hand experience of overcoming our fears and giving our Drupal website a fresh facelift. Trust us, the only thing you'll regret is not doing it sooner!

7 Drupal Security Strategies you need to implement right away! (Includes top Drupal 9 Security Modules)

 |  Shefali Shetty
Security is one of Drupal's strong suits. However, being vigilant and aware can help maintain your website’s security. Find out about our top 7 Drupal security strategies (and modules) to implement for a secure Drupal site.

Drupal Community: It takes a village to build a world-class CMS. See what they have to say

 |  Shefali Shetty
It is no mystery why Drupal has been the chosen one for over a million diverse organizations all across the globe. Unsurprisingly, the reason behind the success of this open-source software is the devoted Drupal community. A diverse group of individuals who relentlessly work towards making Drupal stronger and more powerful every single day!

Marketo Webhook Integration with Drupal: Sync Lead Data from Marketo to Drupal in Real-Time

 |  Shefali Shetty
Learn how to get started with synchronizing Marketo data with your Drupal website using Webhooks. In this easy step-by-step guide, you will learn how to configure and set up Marketo Webhook integration.