“That level of confidence and reliability you assure your colleagues define success for me.”

Maithri, one of our star Drupal Developers, says that with your 100% at work comes optimum levels of trust from your colleagues. You keep challenging yourself and you excel at them. In this article, she talks about the journey of her career from the beginning and how her strong beliefs, consistent efforts, and positive attitude have contributed to her growth. So, join us as we delve into Maithri’s story of growth.

Challenging your limits

The beginning of a new journey you know nothing about can be scary. But as you proceed with it, taking one step at a time, you unravel paths leading you to your ultimate goal. And you start owning the journey!

Maithri has been part of our team for half a decade now, and she reclaims her place in the team every year with her consistent contributions, making her addition to the team absolutely worth it. Success doesn’t need to be the end of a journey, but a journey of surpassing every failure without giving up. Almost 5 years into the journey now, Maithri keeps doing wonders at her job and continuously strives to achieve her dreams with hard work and dedication!

Over the years, working with so many amazing people has taught me the biggest lesson - dream big, work hard, stay positive, and enjoy the journey!

When you joined Specbee, what were your expectations?

I became a part of the Specbee team in the year 2018. This was my first job! At first, it was exciting, but also terrifying. Initially, my expectations from the company were an ideal work environment, supporting mutual growth aspects wherein I make my contributions to the team, be recognized for my efforts, have job stability, and have the opportunity to grow with the company.

How would you describe your career growth here?

I take immense pride in how my confidence has evolved ever since I started working with Specbee, and the amount of knowledge I’ve gathered here is enormous. I learned Drupal and became a Drupal developer. Furthermore, I can see how far I've come since the first day. It's all thanks to my incredible team and colleagues' ongoing support and training. I can humbly claim that my career path began at zero and has already reached its apex.

What is the impact of this growth on your personal development?

In terms of personal development, I could see a plethora of changes in myself. I've gained much more confidence. I've overcome my stage fright or the phobia of public speaking. Specbee has a variety of platforms to help with this. Thanks to the team engagement sessions of Fun Friday, knowledge-sharing opportunities through Tech-X, and the annual meets at Specfest that gave me the perfect opportunities to be the person I am today, continuously growing and evolving with the team. Amidst all this, working from home has become quite natural to me!

In your opinion, what does success look like?

I believe when your team trusts you with your work, and you stand fit to their expectations and deliver your tasks on time while still having the time to help your colleagues, is climbing the ladder of success. That level of confidence and reliability you assure your colleagues define success for me. It is also the secret to my motivation that pushes me to successfully surpass every hurdle at work!

The courage to embrace unfamiliarity and step out of your comfort zone can open new doors to your success. At Specbee, we continuously strive to be greater than what we’re entitled to be and motivate each other to walk toward our goals. Want to join the journey? Get in touch with us and send us your resume today at [email protected]. Or check out our open positions.

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