Don’t you just relish food that’s delectable yet healthy and guilt-free? It’s like getting the best of both worlds. Similarly, when you integrate Drupal Commerce with Drupal CMS, you get a powerful mixture of commerce and content which will help you build an engaging customer base and increase your conversion rate.

Drupal Commerce is a framework that seamlessly integrates with Drupal’s content management system, thus making content marketing even simpler for your products. It provides a seamless link between authentic content and your products. This combination can drive your sales via a feature-rich user experience. It can fulfil all your traditional e-commerce requirements like product catalogue management, shopping cart, checkout forms etc.

Here’s why Drupal Commerce is awesome

Because Drupal is super awesome!

Don’t we already know how magnificent Drupal is? Known for its reliability, flexibility, scalability, security, robustness etc. Drupal can be termed as an enterprise class software. It is not only easily customizable, extensible, SEO friendly and mobile ready but it is very cost-effective as the core software and a large number of modules and themes are open-source and free!

Because it acts like a Framework

Drupal Commerce understands that every business model is different and you can have completely unique requirements. Keeping this in mind, the Commerce guys have built it as a framework that you can further build up on. This makes it truly flexible and open for customization to meet your unique business requirements.

Because you will need lesser development time

Since Drupal Commerce is deeply integrated into Drupal, it completely takes advantage of the powers Drupal has to offer. You don’t need any custom integrations to be made as they both together are one system. With thousands of contributed modules available, it is hardly necessary to re-invent the wheel here.

Because it is so easy!

Drupal Commerce has developed an administration system and customizable workflow that’s makes working with it so simple even if you are a non-technical person. For a marketing-driven e-commerce site, this is extremely suitable.

Because it is truly extensible

Drupal Commerce is highly adaptable and can grow with your business making it extremely scalable and is built for websites and applications of all sizes. Since it is built on Drupal 7, it makes use of some amazing modules like Views and Rules which can be further built upon for more flexibility. The ever-growing Drupal community of contributors keep innovating and provide with fresh new modules that are fit for you.

Because it is feature-loaded

Drupal Commerce’s core system provides a full product administration system, a shopping cart and a checkout system. It also supports international currency, tax and language. Drupal integrates very well with third-party API’s for payment gateways, accounting applications etc.

Because it is so SEO-friendly

Drupal already has such an SEO friendly approach and provides with many ways to optimize your website. Since you have to work only on one system, you have a better control over your product content and how to optimize them better. You can also give SEO friendly URLs for your product pages which can be very effective.

Because it is Open-source!

Yes. It is completely open-source and free and very well supported and continuously maintained.

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