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Meet Suresh Prabhu, a Drupal developer by profession. Cricket is not only his favorite sport, he can spend his entire weekend playing it. He’d love to travel across India to experience the beauty and culture of every part of the country. He enjoys trying new things in life like restaurants, cuisines, and the latest apps on PlayStore.

Articles written by Suresh Prabhu

Drupal Paragraphs Module in Drupal 9 - A Complete Tutorial

 |  Suresh Prabhu
Paragraphs can be of different types. They can be anything from an image to a video, or a simple text to a configurable slideshow. 
Instead of putting all the data in one body field, we can create multiple Paragraphs Types with different structures. This allows the end user to choose between pre-defined Paragraphs Types. By using Paragraphs, we can create multiple featured Paragraphs, allowing the end users to pick the one most suitable for their needs. 
The Drupal Paragraphs module is easily manageable for non-technical users, while also offering Drupal developers the ability to control the appearance of the elements at the theme level.

Personalizing the Website Experience for Visitors Using the Drupal 9 Smart Content Module

 |  Suresh Prabhu
Deliver unique web experiences and personalized content to see a boost in engagement and conversions. Learn how you can personalize content based on your viewer’s data with the Drupal 9 Smart Content module.

Stop Spam! How to use the Captcha and ReCaptcha module in Drupal 8

 |  Suresh Prabhu
Have you had enough of the spam comments, form submissions and email submissions by bots trying to infiltrate your website? Then you need a guard called Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Yes, and that is short for CAPTCHA.