Your passion is what adds meaning to your life. It’s the reason you live than merely surviving.
Santhosh Kumar Rengaswamy, one of our star Software Developers, believes in following your passion besides your routine life. You work to earn a living. But your passion is what makes you who you truly are and adds meaning to your existence. In this article, Santhosh talks about his passion for dance since college. And nothing could ever stop him from pursuing his passion.

Serving your purpose

Adjustments you make in life should only take you higher than where you are and let you grow mentally and spiritually. At Specbee, we constantly support each other and keep ‘growth’ as the motivational factor in life. Join us as we delve into Santhosh’s journey of his dual pursuits.

Santhosh PP

What is it like to work at Specbee?

To this, I would like to answer through a question first - Does making tea for your dear ones feel like work? Never!

That’s how I feel being a part of Specbee. I never feel like I’m working. It has been a continuous journey of learning and accomplishments. And I couldn’t have asked for more!

The best thing about Specbee, I feel, is that it has a  non-hierarchical structure and a friendly work culture. It makes me feel special and equal at the same time, along with others on the team.

With a full-time remote job, what do you do to follow your passion?

I’ve been passionate about dancing since my college days. Working remotely with Specbee full-time, I get ample time to follow my passion for dancing as the time I used to spend on getting ready, commuting, packing lunch, etc., is now used to pursue my passion.

What impact has it had on your overall development?

Working with wonderful team members on sophisticated projects remotely yet closely, while also pursuing my dancing passion, has helped me have a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Staying positive and open to improvements are some of the new changes Specbee brought into my life.

At Specbee, we follow a culture of holistic growth and empowerment, where our team members are encouraged to fulfill their goals. Ready to join the journey? Get in touch with us and send us your resume today at [email protected]. Or check out our open positions.

Here’s to more such stories of following your passion!

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