Know When to Update Your UX and UI

28 Dec, 2016 | Admin
With lot of time and money being spent on your website, needless to say, you desire for the most impressive user experience design! However, with the evolution and periodic changes in users’ demands, adaptable User Experience (UI) has become a need.

For instance, a user never appreciates a page with average UI and UX; as it takes

Drupal Integration with Marketing Automation tools

28 Dec, 2016 | Shefali Shetty
As Joe Chernov says “Good marketing makes the company look smart; Great marketing makes the customers feel smart”. Great marketing needs more than just a physical team who can manually manage your marketing workflows. Great marketing needs a Marketing Automation tool to help you nurture your leads and expedite your whole marketing process.

Top Web Application Development Trends In 2016

25 Dec, 2016 | Admin
When Web Applications were introduced for the first time to the digital world, most businesses were hesitant on adapting it as they did not see it as an effective channel to improve their traffic, sales or overall marketing. Fast forward to 2016, now everyone knows the importance of a web application, and the role it plays in enhancing a

Mobile Applications - Digital World at Your Fingertips

23 Dec, 2016 | Admin
With more than 1 billion smart phones, and about 10 billion mobile applications downloaded every month, mobile application development is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Mobile applications play an important role in simplifying your tasks, and changing your perspective towards information. As smart phones are becoming cheap day

The ideal partnership–Drupal and PHP

22 Dec, 2016 | Shefali Shetty
Dries Buytaert, the founder and lead developer of Drupal says he has never regretted his decision of choosing PHP as the language for building Drupal as PHP is widely available at affordable cost. He adds that millions of individuals continuously tweak, update and rebuild their websites and scripting languages like PHP lend themselves to that

Some guiding light in Drupal to WordPress Migration

21 Dec, 2016 | Shefali Shetty
There are plenty of reasons to choose Drupal over any other CMS for your website like highly flexible customizations, security, robustness, scalability, to name a few. Nonetheless, it can require more effort and time in setting up and customizing your Drupal website as compared to the out-of-the-box blogging abilities WordPress has to offer.

10 Reasons to Choose Magento Development Services for Your Ecommerce Business

19 Dec, 2016 | Admin
A much sought after CMS framework, Magento is indeed one of the most effective and appealing e-commerce application across the globe. More desired by the e-commerce businesses, it offers an array of advantages that make it a must have application in e-commerce sites.

Extremely flexible, scalable and easy to use, one can build a complete

Why Are Government Websites Shifting Over To Drupal

16 Dec, 2016 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
In today's world, most of the powerful government websites are run on Drupal CMS. With tonnes of functionalities like personalized data delivery, large data warehouses, secure transactions etc, managing these government websites is never an easy job.


Make your choice - A range of CRM Integrations for your Drupal Website

16 Dec, 2016 | Ashirwad Shetty
As Steve Jobs once said – “Get closer than ever to your Customers. So close that you tell them what they need before they realize it themselves”. A good CRM system in place will do exactly that for your business and much more. While you concentrate on other aspects of your business, your CRM software will ensure that you and your team are

Top CRM Marketing Trends in 2016

12 Dec, 2016 | Admin
A mature global market currently estimated at $20.4 Billion annually, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has come a long way from its early days as a desktop based tool. Starting from the late 1980s as a database management on customer information, CRM has evolved periodically into an important customer retention tool.