Drupal 8.6.0 - The biggest Drupal release since Drupal 8

07 Sep, 2018 | Malabya Tewari
On September 6th the Drupal team shipped Drupal 8.6.0, a huge update to the Drupal project. Packed with powerful features shipped with Drupal, the release is a significant one for content editors, site builders, developers and evaluators.

With a rapid year-on-year adoption of Drupal 8, the release is set to be the leading choice for

20 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools To Help You Grow

27 Aug, 2018 | Alice Jackson
"We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us”— Marshall McLuhan

The above visionary observation from 50 years ago is relevant for today’s digital marketers. If they want to be on top of the industry, they have to keep themselves updated with the latest tools of the trade. Today, the ambiguity in digital marketing is such that

How is Ecommerce Project Management A Key For Revenue Growth in Ecommerce Businesses?

21 Aug, 2018 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
In October 2017, the Project Management Institute conducted a study to observe program and portfolio management professionals and interviewd about 4455 project management professionals, 800 project management office directors and 447 company executives from different sectors, including IT. The study that they created showed results that were

How Drupal & Blockchain are Changing The Perception of Decentralized Architecture

13 Jul, 2018 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
There is a new Birdman in the town! An idea that has gripped the biggest institutions in the market. A technology, that enthusiasts believe, could change the world. "A truly extraordinary invention that does really mundane things", as told by Paul Brody, E&Y Global blockchain leader. Some see it go much further than the effect on "big stock

Introduction to Kotlin for Android

28 Jun, 2018 | Subba Raju
In the Android world, I'm sure there is nobody who has not heard of Java. A powerful programming language that can build applications that run on almost any operating system on any hardware. However, over the years, a number of new programming languages have been introduced to also run on the Java virtual machine. One such language, which is a

Drupal CMS : A Success Factor for Better ROI for Online Businesses

28 May, 2018 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
Businesses and enterprise organisations today are falling into a trap. A trap built around the ROI of their business. Return on Investment is a term in its own right, capable of flipping over businessmen and marketers who have worked decades to understand how the market functions. In the form of an age-old formula, it is still one of the key

5 Reasons Why Media Industry Is Choosing Drupal CMS Over Other Platforms

18 May, 2018 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
The high demand for creating a seamless digital experience across numerous devices and channels has challenged the classic approach of the media industry. The changing technology landscape and the business models have forced the companies to think out-of-the-box to drive customer interaction and avoid competitive differentiation to catch up with

Specbee Recognized as a Top 2019 Developer by Clutch

17 May, 2018 | Shri Ganesh Hegde
CMS and e-commerce solutions have empowered Specbee to achieve the business objectives and deliver an awesome digital experience to the customers. This approach of catering quality service offerings to the clients have paved the path for the company to lead globally as the Top Developer 2019 at Clutch amongst the enlisted ones.