Are you struggling to recruit and hire a talented Drupal developer? Keep reading this ultimate guide to know everything about how to hire the right resource for your Drupal project.

Great vision without great people is irrelevant - James Collins 

As Collins describes in his book - "Good to Great,” we often expect the good-to-great leaders to begin their quest for greatness by setting a new vision and strategy. Instead, they first get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats. Then, they figure out where to drive it! 

Hiring a professional team of experts is a common challenge faced by most companies in today's world. And the process of hiring gets tougher when you want to hire a team of talented individuals in the open-source industry, particularly in the Drupal community.  

While there are a plethora of Drupal agencies with developers - all working with, in, for Drupal, the real challenge is narrowing down to find the right partner to suit the needs of your organization, long or short term.

With fierce competition and the never-ending challenges, how do you hire a Drupal developer or a team of experts who is the right fit for the project?

Be sure of what you need

Need someone with expertise in building multisite websites with multiple Drupal codebases & custom theming? Say it! Or, if you need someone with experience in creating custom modules and specializes in building Enterprise websites? Say So! 

Since different drupal project types demand different talents, it is very important that you understand the key process involved in the project development when you hire a Drupal developer

Before you reach out to a Drupal agency, it is essential that you know the scope of the project for which you need the Drupal developers. This will lead you to the most important elements to be considered before the start of the project. The limitations of the budget and the timeline. 

The nearly impossible task of getting quality work done by meticulously following the timeline set before the start of the project is something that should always be in the back of your mind. Add to it the budget constraints, and the bracket narrows further down. 

However, most Drupal companies offer productive staff augmentation services that will allow them to scale in tandem with your business needs and these constraints can be handled by the right Drupal partner. 

Know Your Drupal Partner

From the front-end & back-end Drupal developers to the DevOps personnel and the QA testers, it is very important that the Drupal agency has the right team. 

Your project will have various tasks that will require more than one skill set, and if your Drupal partner and its team of experts can't handle the requirements, it will pose a serious threat to the development efforts. 

Thus, it is better to consider the experience levels of the team you want to hire, how long have they worked on Drupal and how familiar are they with the previous versions of the CMS. An experienced team of Drupal experts will know what goes where and their skill set will always play a vital role in crunch situations.   


A part of the Drupal Community?

As an open-source platform, Drupal does a phenomenal job in encouraging its individual members and teams to actively contribute to the betterment of the platform. Thousands of developers strive to improve Drupal and it is important to see how big of a role is the Drupal agency you pick, is playing an active role in encouraging its developers to be a part of the community. 

Acquia Certified - An added advantage


Started in early 2014, Acquia has a certification program for Drupal developers looking to improve their proficiency in the particular field. An Acquia Certified resource stands apart from the plethora of drupal professionals out there. Having a certified member in the team will act as an added advantage as his proficiency and expertise will play an essential role in the amelioration of the project development workflow. 

Support & Maintenance? 

While Drupal offers constant updates for security & other vulnerabilities, it is important that your Drupal partner is accessible when you need these upgrades the most. You do not want to end up being stranded when you face glitches in an already deployed project. Most agencies offer Drupal support & maintenance services to ensure a smooth, secure, and seamless performance of your website. 

Not Just Drupal

Web application development with Drupal may also require your Drupal expert to be proficient in third party application integration to meet some of your end requirements. Hire a Drupal developer with expertise in,

  • Integrating with other third-party applications, such as  CRM, ERP, marketing automation, logistics applications, etc. which you may need to meet your business requirement. 
  • Data visualization and analytics tool that can be used along with Drupal in order to measure application/website efficiency.
  • Javascript frameworks to handle decoupled Drupal in case you choose that route.

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